Amrakh Mahadev: Forgotten Rajasthani Religious Heritage

1500 Years old Shiva Temple Udaipur

Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple is one of the peaceful historical places of worship located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The deity worshipped at Mandir is Lord Shiva, it is also famous for this Maa Ganga Kund and its Vaastu work. The temple is 1500 years old and has a vast history.

About the Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple

Amrakh Ji Mahadev Mandir, which has three entrance gates and is built in the panchayatan style, dates from the 12th century. The ceiling of Sabhamandap had seven mother Goddesses portrayed on it. Sculptures of the mother Goddesses Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, Parvati, and Chamumda can still be found among them.

The sanctum sanctorum has a four-sided Lord Shiva sculpture and three minor shrines in the corners. It is an excellent destination for travelers and tourists.

You are free to prepare any food (vegetarian) you want here. This location has three gardens and two ponds with snakes, tortoises, and fish. This tranquil location is ideal for authors, photographers, and artists.

The Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple is located between the mountains so it is an ideal place for picnic too. The temple is quite spacious cold due to its location, which is an excellent place for meditators.

If you are a keen historian and take immense interest in Indian architecture this place is a great for Indian architecture enthusiasts.

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History of the Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple

Raja Ambrish was a king who reigned around 1500 years ago. The King renounced all earthly pleasures and travelled to Shiv Ji’s shrine to worship him.

He used to go to the River Ganga every day to carry water to worship the Shiv linga, which he would use in the Shivlinga’s Abhishek.

Goddess Ganga was so moved by his trust and devotion that she chose to accompany the king one day, and it is stated that the Ganga’s water has been flowing in the temple ever since.

Gang Kund is the name given to the area where the water flows. Even during droughts, the kund has never dried up. The King was afterwards known as Amar Rishi, which is why the Mandir is known as Amrakh Ji Mahadev temple.

Location: Dheekli Rd, Bheelon Ka Bedla, Amberi, Rajasthan 313024
The temple is always opened

Amrakh Ji Mahadev Mandir Photos Collection

Amrakh_Ji Mahadev Temple Drone View
Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple Drone View 2
Amrakh Ji Mahadev Temple exterior

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