Balidan Param Dharma – The Greatest War Cry

Meaning of Balidan Param Dharma

Balidan Param Dharma is a greatest war cry which gave you goosebumps. It is Sanskrit word which is similar to Ahinsa Parmo Dhrama. Meaning of this war cry clearly states that “Sacrifice is the utmost duty”.

Balidaan Param Dharma is a part of Sanskrit shloka.

Sanskrit Transcript
शौर्यम दक्षम युध्धेय !
बलिदान परम धर्म !

śauryama dakṣama yudhdheya..!
balidāna parama dharma !

Bravery is what makes you capable for war, Sacrifice is the utmost duty.

There is a detailed and explained article on my website on Sanatan Dharma, concept. Please also read that too.

Which Regiment has War Cry?

Parachute Regiment has war cry ‘Balidan Param Dharma’. Parachute Regiment is a special forces regiment of the Indian Army. Was raised in 1945.

Insignia of Parachute Regiment is called Balidaan which means Sacrifice. I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Former Indian Cricket Team Captain) use to wear insignia printed Wicket keeping gloves while playing cricket.

Ms Dhoni have a mobile cover of same insignia design. Balidan Param Dharma is the not only a war cry but it is an emotion for Army personals and lovers like me and you.

Balidan Param Dharma in Movie.

You Must have heard of URI : The Surgical Strike Movie. In this movie there is a scene of the last rite of Major Vihaan Shergill’s brother-in-law. Karan’s daughter cries on the loss of her father, but then she profoundly yells out the war cry her father taught her, “Shaurya… Saksham…. Yuddhe……” and to it’s response all the soldier shout out, “Balidan Param Dharma“.

This scene make it more popular and made this slogan a national sensation and emotion as well for forever. Many companies then copy the insignia design and sell the slogan as tees, mobile covers and posters.

balidan param dharma insignia

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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma vs Balidan Param Dharma

balidan param dharma poster

India is the land of Peace and Non violence. If you study Indian history India Never attacked first on any country in last 1 lac year history.

So the question is raised that why our ancient sages need to write this slogan? When we have Ahimsa as supreme religion.

But we have to understand that India is a peaceful country. But Not our neighbors and rest of the world. If you want to protect our civilization, culture, history, religion, temples, motherland and mother and sisters form cruel invaders than you have fight and you have to sacrifice your life.

Our Ancient sages knew it from the beginning of the time that If Ahimsa is Param Dharma then Balidan is also a Param Dharma. Sacrifice is the utmost duty for a solider and not only for solider but for every countrymen.

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