Best 20 Dark Silence Quotes

Single-line dark silence quotes are sayings, thoughts and captions for your biography, social status, self-talk, motto, mantra, sign, poster, wallpaper or background. He does not understand your silence, he does not even understand the words. You cannot endure the silence, the darkness will not disappear, you do not like the black nights and yawning abysses, but never make them your profession.

Here are best 20 dark silence quotes about how silence can bring powerful clarity and insight into your life. There is more than one quote in our In Spite of Dark Silence Quotes collection.

Best 20 Dark Silence Quotes

I was in the school of misery, I know many purification rites, and I know language and proper silence.

Kim Brad
dark silence quotes

Human intercourse is first of all a tragedy, but do not misunderstand the word silence, because I do not understand it.

Marry Millie

Silence can help you stop an argument, deepen a connection, or you can share a wonderful moment with your loved ones.

Orion Joshua

If we can explain empty words, we can do it for empty silence.

Fuzu Kua

I like to sit in silence and darkness and listen as the heart shines.

Yu su ha

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To see nature, the trees, flowers, the grass that grows in silence, to see stars, the moon and the sun, they all move in silence.

Kim Dollar

Take such things away and rehearse with us the silence and darkness of such silence and darkness, and we ourselves will know nothing of such things.

Ocean Black

We communicate with the burrowing foxes in the silence, in the darkness of the earth.

James Murphy

The flowing wind, the beautiful sky, the trees and the flowers convey beautiful stories in words when we look at them.

Dr. Houdson

Hard words hurt us, deeply hurt us, and the silence of our loved ones weakens our trust in them and in ourselves.

Tim Pan

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It is a mistake to imagine the horrors associated with darkness, silence and loneliness.

I believe that God is the sun, the colors, the scents, the flowers, the light, the darkness, the voice and the silence.

Josh Finn

All a miracle, and darkness and silence are learned states of content.

Winni Brook

For us the soul is whole and wise, and silence is a universal beauty, an eternal beauty.

Tim Shu

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Silence is the river of grace that invites us to jump fearlessly into its waving depths.

Oswali Rift

When I see nature, when trees, flowers and grass grow in silence, when I see the stars, the moon and the sun they move in silence. In silence I need an answer, no matter who speaks or who hears me.

Our heat is real, we just have to name it and let it exist in the darkness of silence.

Dr. Kim Su

We are all human beings, and silence helps us to be present and to connect with others.

Adam Jimi

When we learn to be in the spirit, we are able to create what we want in life without reacting to the restless mind.

kihi ohtioh

Beneath shady towers and glittering towers lay a ghostly darkness, and the silence lasted until dawn.

James burny

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