Collection of best Partiality Quotes and Sayings

Best Partiality Quotes about parental favoritism with cool quotes about favoritism in the family and how it harms children. Quotes about parental favoritism come from well-known authors that talk about favoritism in the family.

We learn about this from quotes about parental favoritism, when parents play favorites among their children. When it comes to parents playing pets with their kids, it’s a matter of their pride – mostly it has to do with the child’s academic performance.

Best 24 Partiality Quotes

The game of favorites is one of the most destructive problems in any group of people.

Best Partiality Quotes

Favoritism often reduces the morale, leadership, and initiative of team members.

Favoritism usually has a negative effect on everyone involved, so it’s best to treat everyone fairly and equally.

Many people admit to favoritism because it is so common.

A half-truth is the worst of all lies because it can be defended with passion.

Thus, we again come to the paradox that one can become whole only through the responsible acceptance of one’s partiality.

Best Partiality Quotes
Best Partiality Quote

We can make ourselves whole only by accepting our partiality, by living within our limits, by remaining human, not trying to be gods.

Death is the only sovereign whom no partiality can corrupt and no price can corrupt.

God is a great God, a mighty and terrible God who does not show partiality and cannot be corrupted.

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Best Favoritism Quotes

If you show favoritism, you sin and are condemned by the law as a criminal.

Typically, leaders show clear favoritism, often with no respect for the people they work with.

We learn from the Holy Scriptures that no favoritism is forbidden and, above all, it should never be done with children.

At home we often see that if there are two brothers and sisters, the youngest usually becomes the favorite of the parents.

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Parents are people, and we often have children with whom we can connect better – perhaps they have personalities more similar to ours, or interests more similar to ours.

Partiality towards one of the parents is annoying; because stroking risks looking stupid.

On the Path of Heaven there is no partiality of love; she is always on the side of a good person.

Faithfulness prepares us for the return of those moments that give us the highest joy we can ever know; it is union, communion, redemption (in the radical sense of redemption) … Denying all others does not mean – because it cannot mean – ignoring or neglecting all others, hiding or hiding from all others, or not wanting or disliking others.

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Best Partiality quotes for office

True freedom is not limited to prejudice or preference for one over the other.

It is enough to provide a supreme judge, with the help of which the error and bias can be corrected.

Partiality can only exist in the area of ​​justice, where the persons concerned have certain requirements and rights.

Favoritism is the practice of giving one person unfair preferential treatment at the expense of another.

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In life, we show favoritism, favor the rich over the poor, treat others differently because of misjudgment, one race against another, one gender against another, one at work or at work A relationship with someone in the church. Either. When we take a stand.

Excessive prejudice against one foreign country, excessive distaste for the radicals of the other, who see danger only from one side, and cover up and even indulge in the art of exerting influence on the other.

Today we can openly open the history of David’s “parents” administration and proudly point out each act, and call on the world to report one act tainted by injustice to the North or partiality to its own part.

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