60 Born in December Quotes and Wishes: Celebrate in Style

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60 Born in December Quotes and Wishes

Babies born in December shine like winter stars.

December-born hearts are where winter wonders start.

Born in December, bringing happiness like snowflakes.

Born in December, in the midst of winter and warmth.

Darlings of December, you are a gift from nature.

December babies always shine, come rain or shine.

Birthday celebrations in the snow in December.

Like the snow in December, you are special and pure.

Born in December, the world is your icy playpen.

The winter night sparkles with the stars of December.

Born in December Quotes and Wishes

December Birthdays Wishes

December was born, a gift encased in icy joy.

Souls born of winter, December is calling your name.

Holiday treats and December dreams are equally delightful.

Born in December, the nexus of reality and magic.

Born in December, the beat of your heart is winter.

December pleasures, akin to a warm, joyous getaway.

Your laughs, December babies, take the chill off the air.

December-born, you have a story yet to be told.

Whispers of winter in the December wind.

Winter ease in a bundle, December’s child.

December Birthdays Wishes 

Born in December, your soul is as light as a snowflake.

Like snow in December, you bring brightness to everything.

Your warmth melts the frost; you were born in December.

December stars, directing lost dreams.

Born in December, your smile melts people’s hearts.

December begins with the embrace of winter.

There is magic in every moment of December.

A mental snow globe born in December.

Dreams born in December never go out of style.

The room of a December-born, Winter’s gift.

Born in December Quotes and Wishes

Stars of December, you brighten the evening.

Born in December, your soul soars.

Anywhere you go, you’ll encounter snowy dreams.

December-born, let your joy blossom.

Born in December, with a heart of fire and ice.

All eyes are on you, Winter’s child.

Wishes come true in December dreams.

The world celebrates you, December babies.

Your joy is infectious; you were born in December.

The child of December, brave for eternity.

Born in December Quotes and Wishes

Winter wonders, the joy of a December baby.

Born in December, a light in the deepest night.

You bring serenity and peace, much like December snow.

Dreams of December, when all problems disappear.

Born in December, you have a fearless attitude.

Tales of winter that are just waiting to be told.

December stars, lighting new routes.

December-born, your color is love.

The child of December, with such a grand heart.

Footprints in the sand, dreams born in the winter.

Born in December Quotes and Wishes

December marvels, in the dance of every snowflake.

December-born, you laugh in a trance.

Born in December, the month where dreams soar.

Hearts born in the winter, always full of light.

December stars, gracefully painting the heavens.

Happy December birthdays to all of you.

December-born, a treasure to behold.

Winter’s child, with a heart of gold. – born in December quotes

December dreams, like a fairy tale unfold.

December-born, you’re more precious than gold.

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