41 Buddha quotes on silence to learn to stay quiet

The Buddha quotes on silence are some of the most poignant, and they have helped build his reputation as one of history’s greatest philosophers.

41 Buddha quotes on silence

“Silence is a source of power. How much power silence has over people, and that it can be used to create change. It can also be used to help people feel comfortable within themselves and their own thoughts, which is something that everyone should strive for.”

Silence is the most eloquent.

Silence is the most powerful and effective way to communicate. If you want to know what others are thinking, don’t ask them; listen to their silence. – Buddha quotes on silence

A quiet mind is the greatest treasure of all.

The greatest weapon of all is the mind.

Silence is an essential part of meditation. You can’t meditate if you’re talking, and you can’t meditate if you’re not listening.

Silence is not something that we can just go out and get. It is a quality that we must cultivate in ourselves.

Buddha quotes on silence

The silent man is the most dangerous of all.

Silence is wisdom.

It is not enough to be silent about your religion. It must be silent.

Silence is the language of God.

Silence status and captions

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when you are not thinking about anything in particular.”

The tongue is a restless, wicked thing, and it is most dangerous to those who love God.

If you find someone who is more silent than yourself, then you should consider him your teacher.

Silence is the most powerful language.

Silence is the cause of all things. – Buddha quotes on silence

The real success in life is to be truly happy with what you have.

Silence is a source of great strength.

Silence is the ultimate form of prayer.

Silence status and captions

“Being silent is listening to your senses and being aware of what’s around you. It’s knowing that sound has a destination and meaning—that it’s not just random noise. And it’s also knowing that there are no rules to silence—that we can say nothing and still be heard by others.”

It’s not that we have silences; it’s that we have nothing to say. – Buddha quotes on silence

What can silence teach us about living in the moment?

When you’re thinking about something, your mind is not present. You’re in a state of distraction. The more you talk, the less you hear. The more you hear, the less you see.

The hardest thing to do is figure out what to say.

Silence is the voice of God. – Buddha quotes on silence

Silence is a powerful thing. It can be an opportunity for introspection, or it can be a signal that something isn’t working. It’s up to us to recognize when silence is positive and when it’s negative, and use it to our advantage.

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Buddha quotes on silence

“Silence is a source of great strength. When we are silent, our minds become quiet and clear. We can then hear the voice of God.”

A quiet mind is a deep mind.

When you’re silent, listen to the silence.

You will be virtuous when you keep quiet and see what others do.

A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.

How could I ever have known? The silence is deafening. – Buddha quotes on silence

I did not know what I was doing, but I do know that the world was silent before me, and still is.

It is when we are silent that we hear best.

I am not a man who says many words. When I speak, people listen.

We often think that we are in possession of our own minds, but actually we are possessed by them.

If you have a voice, use it. Don’t waste it.

Stop! Don’t go. I am not ready to say goodbye.

You can’t make someone love you, honey, if they don’t. – Buddha quotes on silence

If you want someone to love you, first learn how to be alone.

The most dangerous words in the English language are: I’m fine.

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