Collection of 70 Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

There are many quotes about food waste from different religions of the world. These 70 Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status can inspire us to think about how much food we throw away and prevent it from ending up in landfills. These quotes reminds us that while many of us are against waste, we don’t realize how much we’re already contributing to it.

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70 Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

In a world with a population of seven billion, which will grow to nine billion by 2050, throwing away food makes no sense: from an economic, environmental and ethical point of view, not to mention the financial consequences, all the land, water, fertilizer. and the labor force needed to grow that food, not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions from food that decomposes in landfills and the transportation of food that ends up being thrown away.

People who throw away food don’t realize the damage they are doing to our planet.

Be mindful, not wasteful.

Plate clean, no food unseen.

Throwing away food also wastes money and anything else used for it.

The truth is, you either throw away the food or you throw it away, but either way, it becomes waste.

Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of the poor and hungry.

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You are being selfish if you don’t think other people will be affected by your food waste behavior.

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Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

“Every year we waste 1.3 billion tons of food worldwide, enough to feed 3 billion people. More than 1/3 of all food produced in the world is wasted, which is almost 1 trillion dollars in retail prices. It is also estimated that about 30–40% of food is wasted.”

Eat what you need, save for later, don’t waste food.
Leftovers today are a meal tomorrow, don’t toss them away.
Think twice before you trash, someone’s hungry.
Love your plate, finish what’s on it.
Food is precious, don’t treat it as disposable.
Be a food saver, not a food waster.
Wasting food is like wasting a gift, cherish it.
Save the meal, not the guilt.

Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

“Every day we see people throw away food without even realizing the damage they are doing to themselves and the environment.”

Every grain counts, don’t waste a single one.
A little today, a lot tomorrow – save your food.
Your plate isn’t a trash can, fill it with care.
Think of the hungry, before tossing that plate.
Don’t waste food, share it if you can.
Your leftovers can be someone else’s feast, think about it.
Eat responsibly, waste less, enjoy more.
Be a food hero, not a food waster.

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Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

“Tackling food waste is a key priority for securing the resources we have (especially in developing countries) and protecting the vital natural resources on which future production depends. Most importantly, our goal should be to reduce food waste and respect the planet’s Natural resources.”

Waste not, want not – a simple rule to live by.
Your plate tells a story, make it a story of finishing.
Appreciate every bite, don’t let it go to waste.
Don’t be picky, be appreciative.
A clean plate is a happy plate, and a mindful one too.
Wasting food is wasting resources, be resourceful instead.
Save today’s meal for a hungry tomorrow.
Don’t let good food go to the bin, let it nourish.

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Don’t Waste Food Quotes and Status

“It is also estimated to contribute 6-8% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, effectively contributing to accelerating climate change.”

Portion control helps in waste control.
Respect your plate, it’s a privilege many don’t have.
Be a food saver, not a food waster.
Wasting food is like throwing money in the trash.
Leftovers are not burdens, they’re opportunities.
Enjoy every bite, don’t let any go to waste.
Share if you can’t finish, someone will be grateful.
Your plate is a canvas, paint it with appreciation.

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Never Throw Food Messages

“Food waste is currently one of the world’s most serious environmental problems, with at least one third of the world’s food supply being wasted or lost each year.”

Waste less, smile more – it’s good for you and the planet.
Think twice, eat once – no room for waste.
Leftovers are treasures, not trash.
Be a plate finisher, not a food bin filler.
Every morsel matters, savor and save.
A meal in the belly is better than in the garbage.
Appreciate the effort that went into your meal, finish it.
Wasting food is wasting energy, be an energy saver.

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Never Throw Food Messages

“Chefs often preach that food waste is disrespectful to the farmer, the land where the food is produced, and ultimately the animal or plant itself.”

The documentaries Wasted and Just Eat It have a lot of great quotes about food waste.

Come to think of it, throwing away food is one of the dumbest things we do.

Food waste has become a major problem worldwide and each of us must do our part to stop it.

Don’t let food rot, let it fuel.

Food waste is one of the last environmental evils to get rid of.

Small actions like starting a food preservation campaign and reducing waste are a great start to help our planet get back on track.

Plan meals wisely, waste less food.

Reducing food waste is an amazing way to save money, help feed the world, and protect the planet.

Leftovers are love, not trash.

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