Collection of Best Down To Earth Quotes and Sayings

Please share this series of down to earth quotes. Below you’ll find a collection of motivational, joyful and uplifting down-to-earth quotes, down-to-earth sayings and down-to-earth proverbs. If you find our collection of modest accommodation offers satisfactory, you should also check out the Be Nice, Be Your True Self offer. The quotes listed below will encourage you to be humble and kind at all times.

Down to earth quotes for Instagram

It’s even better if you’re also humble and caring about others.

Many employers expect their employees to be humble enough to create a healthy work environment.

down to earth quotes

A self-centered person may not think about others or think that nothing is worth their time and energy.

A down to earth person always has an open heart and puts others before himself.

down to earth quote for Instagram

If you’re part of a group or consider yourself a slightly creative person, you can get quite complacent, so sometimes it’s nice to have people bring you back down to earth, but in a nice way.

A person who always keeps their profile down to earth doesn’t need to worry about those around them or who will walk around them, they are more likely to get only those who match it and have true value on earth.

If you decide to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness away from you.

down to earth quotes

An overly sensitive heart is an unfortunate asset on Earth.

Nothing can prevent a man with the right mental attitude from reaching his goal; nothing in the world can help a person with a wrong mental attitude.

Reach for the sky to grab an idea, then bring it to earth and make it work.

We brought the dreaming skies to Earth, we kept them in our mind’s eye.

Down to earth quotes for her

It is the sky that makes the earth so beautiful at sunrise and so beautiful at sunset.

In one, the sky breathes crystalline ether to the earth, in the other, liquid gold.

She takes the baby in her arms, spreads her big white wings and flies with him to all the places on earth that the baby loves.

down to earth quotes

Man does not know when he came and does not know when he will leave, and yet he walks the earth thinking that he knows everything.

I think that there will always be someone better than me, that’s what makes me humble.

I like to make stupid faces, be stupid and not take things too seriously.

Sometimes I feel so damn alone, I feel like I can fly into the stratosphere and everyone will stand there and look at me and no one will bring me back to earth.

down to earth quotes

I dream of a world where no matter your race, black or white, the gift of the earth will be shared and everyone will be free.

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Humble quotes and sayings

We must use our lives to make the earth a more habitable place, not just to acquire things.

If people all over the world…stand up, it will change the planet.

DOWN TO EARTH is a mirror of humanity, a touching and timely reflection of our civilized world.

I remind myself of my roots whenever the cloud of ego threatens to engulf me. It aids in keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Ego is a three-letter word that will undoubtedly kill you.

The higher the tree rises in the air, the deeper it sinks into the ground. When it comes to greatness, keep humility in mind.

I am aware of my identity. I am not without flaws. I’m not the most “down-to-earth” person you’ll ever meet. However, I am one of them.

down to earth quotes

Many people are arrogant because of their knowledge, but they are unaware of how arrogant they are.

You can live in another world, but you must first learn the rules of the one you’re in.

Nothing and no one can bring a woman of faith down, no matter how down-to-earth she is.

Don’t be ashamed of your morals, respect, discipline, or sincerity.

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