70 Dua Quotes in English, Captions, Messages and Status

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70 Dua Quotes in English 

May Allah give us wisdom in every decision we make.

O Allah, guide us on the right path and keep us steadfast.

O Allah, give us the strength to overcome life’s challenges.

May our hearts overflow with gratitude for the blessings You have bestowed.

O Allah, forgive our past, purify our present, and protect our future.

Allow us to be patient in difficult times and grateful in easy ones.

O Allah, include us among those who are grateful for Your mercy and blessings.

O Allah, may our tongues be filled with Your name.

Give us the ability to seek forgiveness and repent sincerely, O Allah.

Prayers Quotes and Captions

Allah, protect our families and keep them together in love and faith.

Guide our children down the right path and make them a source of happiness.

O Allah, grant us good health, both physical and spiritual.

O Allah, soften our hearts and make us more inclined to do good.

Give us the strength to control our anger and forgive those who have wronged us.

O Allah, may our intentions be pure and our actions sincere.

Allah, give us the courage to face challenges with unwavering faith.

Protect us from Shaytan’s whispers and keep us on the right path.

Prayers Quotes and Captions

Grant us success in this life and the next, O Most Merciful.

O Allah, lighten the burdens of those who are experiencing hardship and adversity.

Fill our homes with peace, love, and memories of You.

Help us use our time and resources wisely for Your sake.

O Allah, bless us with knowledge that both benefits and humbles us.

Grant us the ability to forgive others as You have forgiven us, O Most Forgiving.

May our words inspire and encourage others.

Allah, protect us from arrogance and grant us humility.

Dua Quotes in English

Grant us the strength to resist temptation and avoid sin.

O Allah, make us one of those who are steadfast in prayer and gratitude.

Give us the courage to admit our mistakes and seek forgiveness.

May our actions reflect Islam’s beauty, O Allah.

O Allah, cleanse our hearts of jealousy and malice.

Guide us to be compassionate and merciful to all Your creations.

Allow us to control our desires and seek Your pleasure.

Allah, surround us with positive influences and keep us safe from harm.

May our friendships be built on faith and mutual respect, O Allah.

Dua Quotes in English

Give us the strength to remain consistent in our good deeds.

O Allah, help us overcome life’s challenges with patience and faith.

O Most Generous, may our wealth bring goodness to others.

Grant us the wisdom to make decisions that bring You pleasure.

Allah, bless our marriages with love, understanding, and peace.

Protect us from evil eyes and jealousy, O Most Protective.

May our character reflect Islam’s teachings, O Allah.

Give us the strength to be honest and truthful in all of our dealings.

O Allah, guide our leaders in making decisions that benefit humanity.

Dua Quotes in English

Give us the ability to forgive ourselves and move forward, O Most Compassionate.

O Allah, may Your guidance shine brightly in our homes.

Protect us from the trials of death and the torment of Hellfire.

O Allah, allow us to visit Your sacred House in peace.

May our actions reflect our faith, O Most Merciful.

O Allah, grant us the strength to resist the temptations of this world.

O Allah, make us one of those who are mindful of our words and actions.

Guide us to be generous and charitable, particularly during times of abundance.

Grant us the ability to recognize the beauty in diversity, O Most Wise.

Dua Quotes in English

O Allah, may our hardships serve to purify our souls.

O Allah, protect us from hypocrisy and grant us sincerity in everything we do.

Give us the strength to stand up for justice and righteousness.

May our hearts be cleansed of hatred and resentment, O Most Loving.

May Allah grant us success in both our personal and professional endeavors.

Encourage us to be grateful for the simple pleasures in life.

Give us the ability to control our tongues and speak words of kindness.

Allah, protect us from the Dajjal’s trials and tribulations.

May our actions inspire others, O Most Wise.

Dua Quotes in English

O Allah, grant us the strength to seek forgiveness and forgive others.

O Allah, make us like those who are humble in success and patient in adversity.

Guide us to be satisfied with what You have decreed for us, O Most Content.

May our prayers be a source of comfort and connection to You.

Allow us to see the beauty in Your creation, O Allah.

O Allah, protect us from harm to ourselves and others.

May our relationships be built on mutual respect and understanding.

O Most Knowing, grant us the strength to persevere in our pursuit of knowledge.

O Allah, accept our supplications and grant us the best in this world and the next.

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