Collection of 63 Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

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63 Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

“It is easy and obvious to be fed up with life and to sustain happiness we need to be aware of some things in life. The following quotes will help you to understand the idea to mitigate ‘fed up’ with your life.”

Take your gun, whistle for your dog, and head out to the mountain after you’ve had enough of the annoying present.

When you’re fed up with life, start writing: ink, as I discovered long ago, is the great panacea for all human ailments.

Before a person develops a hunger for the realm of grace, he must become dissatisfied with the ways of the world.

Even the most selfless people can become irritated when they are taken for granted.

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I said life should be interesting, not chaotic.

I am not lazy; I am simply on a lifelong energy-saving mode.

I’ve exhausted all of my options. I’m fed up with myself.

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Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

“You become sick of chocolate if you consume too much of it. You become weary of champagne if you drink too much of it. Consume a large amount of dread.”

If life gave out awards for disappointments, I’d be the undisputed champion.
Life is like a broken pencil—pointless and frustrating.
I asked for a break in life, but I got a breakdown instead.
If life were a meal, I’d send it back to the chef and complain.
Life’s idea of a good time is to play hide and seek with my happiness.
I am not anti-social; I am simply anti-life-at-the-moment.
Life is a puzzle, and someone stole some important pieces.
If my life were a movie, it would be a low-budget comedy that was not funny at all.

Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

“Nothing can stop someone from leaving you if they’ve had enough of being lied to, mistreated, or deceived, or if they’ve had enough of feeling neglected.”

I’m not a pessimist; I’m simply an overqualified realist about life.
Life is a rollercoaster, and I am motion-sick.
I requested a fairytale, but life delivered a horror story instead.
If life were a novel, mine would be in the ‘tragedy’ category.
I am not avoiding life; it is avoiding me.
Life is like a bad internet connection: it constantly buffers and never loads.
I asked for a sign from life, but it gave me a ‘detour’ sign instead.
I’m not failing at life; rather, it fails to meet my expectations.

Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

“These days, she is always fatigued. They walked on, and she put on one of those smiles that wasn’t really a smile at all.”

Life’s recipe for success appears to be missing a few key ingredients.
I am not a quitter; life simply keeps changing the rules of the game.
Life is a marathon, and I am stuck at the starting line with a broken shoelace.
I’m not a control freak; all I want is a say in my own life script.
Life is like a bad haircut; it doesn’t seem to improve.
I requested a masterpiece, and life delivered a doodle.
If life were a test, I’d swear it was an open book I forgot to bring.
I’m not a drama queen, but life loves to cast me in its tragedies.

Fed Up with Life Quotes and Sayings

“Those that are passionate about life do not read. They also do not go to the cinema. Whatever else may be said, access to the artistic realm is largely limited to individuals who are dissatisfied with the state of the world.”

Life is a traffic jam, and I am stuck in the slow lane.
I told life to be sweet, but it gave me lemons without sugar.
I am not picky; I simply have high expectations for my life experiences.
I requested a plot twist, but life gave me a plot hole instead.
I am not impatient; life is simply taking its sweet time to become interesting.
Life’s idea of irony is lecturing me on the virtue of patience.
I’m not fed up with life; it simply needs a better menu.

I am Exhausted Quotes and Captions

“There comes a time in life when you’ve had enough and just have to let go of the things that are dragging you down, no matter how persuasive they appear to be, that you can’t live without them, and that it’s only a matter of time before you get over it.”

Everyone gets tired of waiting, presuming, hearing falsehoods, and hurting, but no one gets tired of loving.

When something grows increasingly popular, people become tired of it.

I’m sick to death of old folks inventing wars for young men to die in.

I’m sick of defending my persona. What I am is what I am. You get exactly what you see.

Either you die or you get tired of fighting for peace.

I’m tired of getting back up every time I fall and fighting a battle that I’ll never win.

Life is like a bad movie sequel: unnecessary and disappointing.

The most crucial moment in any conflict is not when I’m tired, but when I’ve lost all interest.

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I am Exhausted Quotes and Captions

“Making someone else look awful can sometimes be the only way to feel good about yourself. I’m also sick of making others feel good about themselves.”

I’d had it with so many people telling me how and who I was meant to be.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of crying and feeling weak. But there’s not much I can do about it.

When I’m tired of life, I like to go for a walk in the woods.

A conclusion is just the point at which you’ve had enough of pondering.

Life can only be understood from the back, but it must be lived from the front.

I feel as if I’ve begun a new chapter in my life and need to let go of the past.

I’m exhausted. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to outrun how I used to be.

I can’t manage the situations right now, so I need some serenity.

I’m quite irritable and quickly irritated by others.

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