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Who is Kelly Kapoor?

Vera Mindy Chokalingam, also known as Vera Mindy Kaling, is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer and director. She rose to fame as Kelly Kapoor on NBC sitcom The Office from 2005 to 2013, where she worked as a writer, executive producer and director. Vera Mindy, also known as Mindy Kaling, American actress, comedian and author and in this article we have collected few quotes of Mindy Kaling that will defiantly inspire you.

Most people know the name Mindy Kaling from her iconic role as Kelly Kapoor in The Office and her spotlight role in The Mindy Project in which she played the eccentric OB-GYN Mindy Lahiri, but she was also the show’s creator, wrote many episodes and was the show’s executive producer. She has been nominated five times for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and once for Outstanding Comedy Series for her work on The Office.

Mindy Kaling joined The Office as writer and was the first woman writer in the eight-person team when production began in 2004. In later seasons she was promoted to Executive Producer and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2010 for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Kaling was also the first all-female writer on The Office when she joined the team.

Mindy Kaling gave birth to daughter Katherine in 2017 and son Spencer in 2020. Since becoming a parent, Kaling has spoken in interviews about baby food, life as a toddler, being a single mother and much more. Kaling is an influence on women who work hard, are open to their flaws, confident and hilarious.

Mindy Kaling Quotes

Mindy Kaling Quotes

“I used to have a lot of other hobbies I wanted to do, like new TV shows and things, but now it’s all about sleep. 

My best sleep is when I close my eyes for eight seconds and sleep. 

‘I’ve strengthened my core muscles, my arms more, and I have a slightly slimmer back because my daughter is at the stage where she can’t walk, she wants to bend, so I’m trying to help her walk through the house.

With this new show, I realized that the only way for people to have that kind of opportunity to make a difference is to be a woman of color, to be someone with whom people can make a difference. 

‘I try not to put anything political in the foreground, that’s what I do. 

To insult the way I look does not hurt my heart. I am a character who can say and hide my controversial opinions.    

Many women are more hurt when they are called fat or ugly than when they are called not intelligent or not leading. 

If someone tells me I have a rough body, I say it brings me good luck.

Teenage girls don’t have to worry about being the most popular, the best actress or the best athlete in high school. 

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Mindy Kaling Quotes 8 to 17

Think of the women lucky enough to have disposable income to shun shows, nannies, babysitters, people looking after their children, and Instagram. 

Listen to one or two smart, friendly adults you know, but they don’t mean your parents.

As I get older, I get smarter and more obvious, and I put a lot of energy and effort into what people like about me. 

It’s something I never really understood until recently, but now compliments are effortless.

I feel like I’m competing with the best white male comedy writers. And I love the idea, I think, of people pretending to make lists of their favorite things. 

Talk about something other than what white male show runners get to talk about in their art.

I never thought I’d be here, at least since I was a little kid in terms of talent on screen. But I wanted to write, and I realized that the world of comedy is my life. 

There is no pressure when you as a woman do what you do to support other women, no matter what they do, whether they are projects, writing, producing or publishing their art.

After graduation, Mindy and her roommates turned into a running gag as a satire on Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The show, a satire by the two actors, had its most successful two-year run at the Broadway Awards.

Whether we like it or not, celebrities have a huge impact on society. Mindy Kaling is an influence who can teach us a lot about what it means to be sure who we are and what it really means to have a great work ethic and a great sense of humor. As a woman who has worn many hats and made a name for herself as an actress, writer and talented and funny person, she will surely have words of wisdom and some funny anecdotes to tell. Such an inspiring personality isn’t it? We hope that you liked Mindy Kaling Quotes and there are 100s of quotes on our website please read that too.

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