61 Modesty Quotes and Captions: Inspiring Humility and Grace

Discover the timeless wisdom and power of modesty with our carefully curated collection of quotes. From renowned philosophers to humble souls, these Modesty quotes and captions remind us of the beauty found in humility and grace.

61 Modesty quotes and captions

“Modesty is not a virtue that you are born with. It’s not taught to you in school or at home. It’s not something that comes naturally to you when you look in the mirror.”

Modesty is the crown of genuine pride, worn by the individuals who are sure without the requirement for consistent approval.

Modernity is the art of showing off your greatness without boasting in words or deeds.

Motivation stands as a beacon of authenticity in a world of self-promotion. – modesty quotes

The really humble resemble delicate streams that feed the dirt without causing a tempest.

Modesty is the delicate breeze that conveys the aroma of character, never overwhelming yet continuously invigorating.

Genuine humility is the solidarity to stay humble in any event, when achievement is at your feet.

Modesty is the garment that adorns the soul, revealing its inherent beauty and grace. according to this saying.

The truly modest find fulfillment in anonymity in a world where everyone seeks attention.

Modernity is the art of self-evaluation without self-criticism.

Modesty quotes and captions

The modest comprehend that character, not external accolades, determine true worth.

Modesty quotes and captions

“Modesty is about knowing how far we can go with our lives before we are too exposed or too open; about knowing when we’ve gone too far. Modesty is about being aware of those boundaries and respecting them.”

Modesty is the establishment whereupon genuine significance is fabricated.

Unobtrusiveness is the key that opens the way to veritable associations and significant connections.

Genuine humility lies in recognizing the commitments of others and sharing the spotlight.

The modest inspire through their actions rather than their words in a culture of self-promotion.

Modernity is the virtue that prevents arrogance and promotes empathy. – modesty quotes

The really humble track down euphoria in the achievements of others, for they comprehend that achievement isn’t a contest yet an aggregate excursion.

Modesty is not the absence of curiosity. Modesty is a decision to act with integrity and respect for others.

Modesty is the highest form of self-esteem.

Modesty is a sign of health and beauty.

Modesty quotes and captions

“Modesty is the quality of being self-restrained or restrained in behavior. In its positive sense, it means exercising restraint and control in one’s desires and appetites. In its negative sense, it means being excessively self-indulgent or vain.”

Many a man has been ruined by his own modesty.

Modesty is a quality that every person should cultivate in themselves.

Modesty is a virtue that can be practiced by everyone. – modesty quotes

It’s not about how much you have or how much you want, but rather how you use what you have.

Modesty isn’t just about keeping your clothes on; it’s about respect and integrity.

Modesty is the art of making yourself look good while remaining true to yourself.

Modesty is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s not about being modest, it’s about being honest.

Modesty is not just a virtue but a way of life. Modesty is the foundation of all virtue.

Humility is not about thinking less of yourself; rather, humility is about thinking less of yourself.

Humility quotes and captions

“Modesty isn’t something anyone ever actually tells you how to do—it’s something you have to learn on your own. And it takes time and effort and work, because nobody else will teach it to you, and there’s no way for them to teach it if they don’t know themselves.”

There are so many different kinds of modesty: modesty before God, modesty before other people, modesty before ourselves—and they’re all equally important!

The quiet strength of the modest shines from within, illuminating the world.

Modesty is the highest and most profound of virtues. – modesty quotes

Modesty is the quality which preserves us from looking too much at ourselves and our own motives.

Modesty is the power to conceal our nakedness, while it is the proof of our innocence.

Modesty is a great shield against immodesty.

You can’t be modest when you’re rich. – modesty quotes

Modest people are not so common as people think.

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.

Humility quotes and captions

“Modesty is a difficult thing to achieve in this world, because it requires self-respect and it doesn’t exist everywhere. It can be found only in those who have it to begin with.”

Modesty is a virtue that is hard to define and harder to live up to.

Modesty is a sign of respect, not of inferiority.

Modesty is the quality that makes you feel your best when you feel your worst.

Modesty is the virtue that takes its name from its own behavior.

Modesty is a sign of intelligence. – modesty quotes

Modesty is the only beautiful thing about a woman.

Modesty is the only thing that can make us both look and feel intelligent.

Modesty is a great quality to have. It keeps you humble and protects your heart.

Modesty is not the absence of clothing, but rather the presence of the right clothes.

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Modesty quotes and captions

“Modesty is a sign of intelligence. It is a virtue, not a vice. When you are modest, you are able to see and appreciate what is good about yourself. When you are modest, you have respect for yourself and your own worth.”

Modesty is a virtue that requires many virtues to support it.

Modesty is the first of all good things, the parent of all virtues and the nurse of all powers. – modesty quotes

Modest people are ashamed to show their own nakedness; but they are not ashamed to cover others with their cloak.

There is no modesty without shame; there is no modesty without fear; there is no modesty without love.

Modesty is the highest form of self-respect.

I don’t think about myself. I think about you and how you can be a better person.

Modesty is the highest form of self-love, and it’s not just for girls anymore! – modesty quotes

Modesty isn’t something you do—it’s something you are. And that’s the most powerful thing in the world!

Modesty is the best thing a woman can have. It’s not only a shield but also a weapon.

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