Nako Chane Chabana – Meaning and Story in English

The meaning of the phrase Nako Chane Chabana in English 

The meaning of the phrase Nako Chane Chabana is to tease a lot in English. Sentence usage of Nako Chane Chabana Idiom – Vijay made his father chew the chickpeas by his handiwork. The word idiom is an Arabic word which means to practice. Idioms are parts of a sentence. Idioms do not have a general meaning, but a special meaning. General meaning of the idiom of nako chane chabana which means to force a person to bite something as hard as chickpeas with his nose.

Their use brings simplicity and interestingness to the language. They are used in conjunction with other things that go in the sentence itself. Idioms are used in sentences, not meanings. Some scholars of Hindi also call the phrase Vagdhara or everyday use words. But in popular language there is only idiom.

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Naako Chane Chabaana Story

Once upon a time a man named Roger was living his life happily in his village. Apart from him, he had his wife and a son in his house. The people of the village considered Roger as a good man. Even whenever the people of the village said something to Roger, Roger used to serve the people completely, because of this, whatever work was done, people used to ask Roger to do it.

Because of this, other people did not like Roger. Those people used to think that what is there in Roger that we are not in the people who give so much importance to the people of the village. We don’t give it at all. One of those people was Jimmy who was very rich. Even whatever worked for his benefit, he used to do it.

Jimmy wanted to show Roger to the people of the village, due to this he started making Roger bad. Roger had a farm which Jimmy had taken over by some means. Now Roger did not have anything and he could not see any other way to earn, due to this he started working with Jimmy.

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Jimmy had given him work but that work was against the people of the village. It was the task of grabbing their fields. Jimmy told Roger that if you do this work, then you will get the entire ten fields. After thinking for some time, Roger said that I cannot cheat the people of the village.

Because of this I will not do your work. Jimmy was very sad to hear of Roger not listening to him and since then he took Roger as his enemy and grabbed his house again and again and brought him on the way. Roger also got angry with the fact that when I did not do Jimmy’s work, he is doing this to me, yet he remained silent.

Once Jimmy sent some goons to Roger and asked him to take away whatever he had earned. The goons did as Jimmy had said. Similarly, whenever Roger came in front of Jimmy, he used to make fun of him by being with the people and used to give him a street. In this way Jimmy kept chewing gram to Roger.

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Still, Roger did not say anything to Jimmy. Roger used to work hard and bring it to work and when he went to get the goods from the shop, he did not even get the same. Because Jimmy had told all the shopkeepers that you should not give anything to Roger. In this way, Roger gradually started getting worried.

When Roger could not bring anything to eat for his family, he sent his wife and his son to his in-laws’ house. And went to Jimmy himself and started working. Jimmy used to get his shoes cleaned and kept it on his feet. And whenever he made a mistake, Jimmy used to kill him.

Roger’s condition was also deteriorating, but still Jimmy did not free Roger and used to vent his anger on him. In this way, Roger became very upset and one day he went to Jimmy and said that now I cannot do anything, you let me go from here. Jimmy did not listen to Roger and did not free him.

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A man from the village saw that Jimmy beat Roger and did not even give him food on time, so he went to tell this to the people of the village. Going to the village told his people that Jimmy is chewing gram to Roger and we are sitting here silently.

Then all the people of the village went to Jimmy and liberated Roger and got Roger’s farm back from Jimmy. In this way, you must have understood the meaning of the idiom of nako chane chabana which means to force a person to bite something as hard as chickpeas with his nose.

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