22 Proud to be an Indian quotes for independence day

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22 Proud to be an Indian quotes

“When you’re proud of your country, you don’t need to look at the flag. You can see it in the eyes of people who come from there. The respect and admiration in their eyes as they gaze upon your homeland is all the proof you need that you’re a citizen of a great country.”

It’s not just about seeing things, either; it’s also about hearing them. The music of our lands is so beautiful that even when you’re far away from it, it can still draw you back home. Even if you live thousands of miles away from where you were born, your heart will always ache for home—and nothing makes that ache go away faster than hearing an Indian song on repeat in an airport lounge!

I am proud of being an Indian because it is a great honor to be born in this country which has given me a lot of opportunities to live a prosperous life. – proud to be an Indian quotes

You are your own best friend, you must have time for yourself and for your thoughts, you need time to be alone with yourself.

I am proud to be a member of my country’s great and powerful race.

The world would be a better place if everyone loved and respected each other.

We are not here to live in isolation, but to make a difference in this world.

India is not a piece of land, but it’s a emotion of it’s people.

Proud to be an Indian quotes

love my country quotes and captions

“My country has been alive for crores of years and this country will live for infinite years to come.”

Life is a process of becoming. To be human is to be aware of your own mortality and to find the meaning of life in creating something of value for others.

You have to understand that one can never win over the inner being. It is only through love that we can become good people.

Learn from every failure; don’t dwell on it and don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail, because failure is part of life’s experience. – proud to be an Indian quotes

I love my country because my country is a living Rastrapurusha.

I love my country and I am proud of the culture and history of this country.

Everything from the soil of this country to its air is sacred, and it is venerable.

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Proud to be an Indian quotes

“We love when people who haven’t spent much time in India tell us stories about how it makes them feel—like they’ve been transported back to their childhoods or seen something magical that’s been missing from any other place they’ve lived before. We love hearing about how happy and fulfilled they feel when they’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of their native land.”

I love my country India not only as a citizen, but also as a servant of this country.

For others there will be many habitable places in this world but for me my country is the best of India.

The history of India is older than history and I am proud of it. – proud to be an Indian quotes

India has the ability to guide the world, and one day the whole world will follow India.

I am proud of my India because it is my country and I am its servant.

My country is dearer to me than the throne of heaven and I will love it till the end of my life.

Only the Fortunate ones born in India.

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