25 Second love quotes to forget to first one

Enjoy reading and sharing with all of you the top 25 Second Love quotes. List of popular quotes and sayings about Every Second Love that you can read and share with friends on your Facebook, twitter, blog. Here are 100 inspiring and motivational quotes that will revive your love of life.

25 Second love quotes

“The second can turn into a cycle, and it is usually the cycle that we keep going back to, because we believe somehow, the end is going to be different from before.”

Love is always the first casualty of religious war, truth is second, and the third… humanity.

Love happens once, the second time is always the tradeoff made in order to forget the first love.

If it happens the first time, then that is neutral; but if it happens a second time, then you are mistaking love for something else.

You just need to come to terms that your first love is your greatest, and that anything else will only ever be a close second.

We all get to decide whether we want to stick with the first love, the one who looks best and makes everybody else happy.

We can choose to stay with our second, believing if we do not have to struggle to get it, then it is not worth having – or we can choose to trust the third love. – second love quotes

Maybe our first crush had something special, our second was heartbreakingly unique… but our third had also just a little bit of a kick.

Second loves prove that you can be someone’s first choice, and they prove what love truly means.

second love quotes

New love captions and sayings

These quotes are perfect to be direct about your feelings, or even more casual occasions — they are great for friends, family, or just for simple Valentines cards. While it might feel impossible to summarize your relationship in just a couple words, sometimes we just need one or two simple love captions to get our relationships across (especially on Valentines Day). Whether it is a message for your significant others Valentines Day card, you are looking for a sentiment to add to a proposal idea, or if you are looking for quotes to use on an anniversary, love quotes can help you to express what you are feeling with words.

Sometimes you have trouble finding the right words, but these love quotes can help you come up with just the perfect words to say to the special people in your life.

This quote on love is very deep and has a lot of meaning, this quote definitely helps you to express these feelings of true love.

When you feel like you finally found your soulmate, this love quote about romance will help you to set the mood, by telling them exactly how you feel about your relationship.

Love Sayings about starting a relationship may give you inspiration, giving you words that capture exactly what you are trying to say. – second love quotes

If you find a perfect quote that fits perfectly into your relationship, you may just find yourself making your partner overflowing with love and appreciation — taking the love between the two of you to a whole new level.

These romantic, sweet quotes about a boyfriend show just how much crush love we may have on our guy.

You can use these loving quotes as cute captions to accompany photos of the pair, or even as cute Valentines day messages.

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Second love quotes and captions

“The only reason you know what love is, or how to feel, is because of your partner, and you need to let them know it by sharing with them the best quotes about love.”

Plus, you do not need a holiday like Valentines Day to show love: Use romance books all year long, and spread the kindness.

If you are looking for some inspiration, whether to get the courage to tell someone how you feel, or remind yourself how much you love someone, add these loving quotes to any custom desktop frame to be enjoyed by all.

Second love comes after you learn how to listen to your intuition, how to look out for the red flags, how to choose someone because he or she adds value to your life, and when you learn how to make decisions based on maturity, rather than loneliness.

Yet this second love story is as powerful as that first, it is as complex, as meaningful, or as universal, and its failures are as hurtful.

Love is love for the man who finds glamour and qualities in a woman who does not really have them, who puts her on the same level as everyone else, who stays attached to her even as she is being mistreated by a woman she is his.

A woman’s life can be divided into three periods; in the first, she dreams about love, in the second, she makes love, and in the third, she regrets it. – second love quotes

When you love someone so much you are frustrated with them daily, this love may change into hatred at a moments notice.

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