Writer for Us, Sponsored Post Terms and Conditions

Write for Us, Sponsored Post Terms and Conditions

The owner of this blog is Manish Chittora – hereafter referred to as the “site owner“. People (“guest blogger / you“) can write sponsored posts for content placement on this blog with certain terms and conditions. By submitting articles to the site owner, guest blogger acknowledges, agrees, and complies with the following terms and conditions.

Publishing Process Steps

The publishing process steps are as follow:

  1. Send the proposal. Use the mail to contact the site owner and send your brief proposal.
  2. Terms and conditions agreement. You have to acknowledge, agree, and comply with the Sponsored Post Terms and Conditions.
  3. If your proposal is interesting, the site owner will contact you back to discuss further.
  4. Topic discussion. You have to tell more details about your proposed topic. If the topic is approved by the site owner, you can start writing the article on an online document editor, such as Google Docs.
  5. Manuscript check. The site owner will check your manuscript draft. The site owner reserves the right to refuse publication if the article doesn’t meet the requirements. If it’s refused, you are free to publish the article elsewhere.
  6. Editing. The site owner reserves the right to edit the article where necessary.
  7. Payment settlement. After the final version of the article is agreed by the site owner and guest blogger, guest blogger has to make the agreed payment. After the payment is settled, the site owner will publish the article as a blog post on this blog.
  8. Once published, you are welcome to request grammatical or some wording changes. The edited post will have the “Edit” disclaimer with a date and a short description of the changes made.
  9. If the guest blogger turns out breaching the Originality and Authorship points below, the published post will be taken down without prior notice and no refund will be issued.



  • The content must be your own original work. Plagiarism or copyright infringement is absolutely not permitted.
  • It has never been posted on anywhere else before.
  • References / sources must be credited properly.


  • The authorship of the guest post will be acknowledged to the guest blogger. However, once published on this blog, the post will be the property of the site owner. Please refrain to publish exactly the same post on other sites. If you want to publish it on other sites, please ask the site owner to take down the post on this blog first before doing so. The site owner reserves the right to take down the post on this blog without prior notice if it is found that you publish it on other site. In both cases, no refund will be issued.


  • You can write article in this blog’s frequent topics, such as technology, fashion, travel, tutorial, tips, ed-tech troubleshooting, security, software, tools, Android, mobile apps, cPanel, server, operating system, CMS, email, design, language, linguistic, games, cartoon, poem, gardening, plant fertilizer, health, kitchen stuff, recipes, foods, drinks, and ingredients.
  • You are very welcome to write articles outside of those topics above. Try to write articles that can help the readers solve their issues, such as in the form of guides, tutorials, comparisons, or reviews.
  • DO NOT write about sex, gambling, racism, violence, defamatory, deception, phony financial tips, degradation, blasphemy, political debate, and other sensitive topics. Avoid contents that can insult someone and certain communities and contents that can break the law. Just stay on the bright and positive paths of life.
  • The site owner reserves the right to reject topics that are deemed not suitable for the site audiences.


  • Please write the articles only in English.


  • The article length should be minimum 300 words.

Links in the Content

  • The content can have maximum 3 links. All links will be attributed as ‘sponsored’ following Google’s best practice regarding paid links.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.


  • The post does not need to have any images, but it is recommended to have at least 1 image.
  • Recommended maximum image height is 720 px.
  • Maximum image width is 1200 px.
  • Maximum image size is 1 MB.
  • The site owner reserves the right to resize and compress the image(s).
  • You have to make sure that you have the right to use the image(s) for your post. Give appropriate credit to the image(s) that you use. The site owner reserves the right to remove any images that don’t follow the rules.


  • You are very welcome to share the link to the published post on this blog on your social media accounts.

Audience Reach

  • The site owner does not guarantee any particular click or audience reach.

Advertising Share

  • Posts on this blog are displaying ads via adsense network. The site owner does not offer any revenue shares from the ads that are displayed on the guest posts.

Author Bio Box

On each guest post, there will be an author bio box at the bottom of the article. For that bio box, guest blogger can provide:

  • Name / Nickname
  • 1 link to the guest blogger’s social media account
  • Up to 200 characters description about the guest blogger