Sanskrit Shlok with Meaning

sanskrit shlok
One of the literary ancestors of the Vedic meter is the Schloka, with 32 syllables and no particular rhyme or accent. In its usual form it consists of four padas (a quarter verse) each 8 syllables [3] and by alternative analysis two and a half verses of 16 syllables each. Sanskrit Shlok is the basis of Indian epic verse and is considered the Indian crypt form par excellence and is most frequently seen than any other meter in classical Sanskrit poetry.

In the broadest sense, according to Monier-Williams, a sloka is a verse, a verse, a proverb, or a voice. A Sanskrit Shlok consists of a certain meter (chandas), a certain number of lines, a certain number of words and a line of words (mantra). Since Sanskrit is a complete language with words, you can imagine the singing of certain shlokas as having different effects on your life based on what the Sanskrit Shlok and its meaning is.

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