5 Sets of 10 lines Essay on My Home for Students of Class 3 to 5

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Here, we are presenting sets of 10 Lines Essay on My Home in English for students under line limits of 5 and 10 lines. This topic is useful for students of classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. These provided paragraphs will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches.

My Home Essay 10 Lines – Set 1

  1. My home is a cozy place.
  2. It has a red roof and white walls.
  3. In the front, there’s a green garden.
  4. Flowers bloom in different colors.
  5. The door is blue, and it welcomes me inside.
  6. When I enter, I see a big living room.
  7. There’s a soft sofa and a TV.
  8. Our family pictures hang on the wall.
  9. The kitchen is where Mom cooks yummy meals.
  10. I love the smell of cookies baking.

My Home Essay 10 Lines – Set 2

  1. Upstairs are the bedrooms.
  2. My room is painted in my favorite color – yellow.
  3. I have a bed with my teddy bear.
  4. The window shows a view of the street.
  5. There’s a big tree outside my window.
  6. Birds come and sing on its branches.
  7. The bathroom is neat and has a bathtub.
  8. I enjoy splashing water during bath time.
  9. Our home is filled with laughter and love.
  10. Dad plays the guitar in the evenings.

My Home Essay 10 Lines – Set 3

  1. We gather for dinner at the dining table.
  2. The walls echo with our happy conversations.
  3. At night, I sleep under my cozy blanket.
  4. The moonlight peeks through my window.
  5. I feel safe in the warmth of my home.
  6. Sometimes we have friends over to play.
  7. We share stories and laughter.
  8. Our home is a place of joy and fun.
  9. In the backyard, there’s a swing set.
  10. I love swinging high in the air.

5 Lines on My Home – Set 4

  1. The sun sets, and the sky turns pink.
  2. The stars twinkle, and it’s time for bed.
  3. I brush my teeth in the bathroom.
  4. Mom tucks me in and reads a bedtime story.
  5. My home is where dreams come alive.

5 Lines on My Home – Set 5

  1. It’s filled with love that will always survive.
  2. I feel grateful for my home sweet home.
  3. It’s a special place where memories roam.
  4. With family and love, my home is complete.
  5. In every corner, it’s warm and sweet.

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