22 Akka Thambi Quotes: Explore the Wisdom

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22 Akka Thambi Quotes and Captions

“It was my younger brother who gave motherhood for the first time in a single word, sister, and soaked the whole life in my tears.”

  1. No matter how old he grows up, his younger brother is always a small child for his sister.
  2. Even the mother may have some truths to hide, but there are no lies to hide from the sister.
  3. Seeing her brother as a child and seeing her sister as another mother is the noble sister-brother relationship.
  4. Only the sisters have the boon of becoming a mother without the child receiving the boon.
  5. I have no privilege of carrying you in my belly, therefore I will bear you in my bosom.
  6. I saw the love of mother in her and the epithet for love was my sister.
  7. I didn’t carry ten months but I see in you the reincarnation of the mother.

Akka Thambi Quotes

Akka Thambi’s Words 

“My sister always becomes my mother as a friend while seeking solace as a mother in lullabying as a villain during a fight.”

  1. Everyone is a slave to someone else’s love and I am also a slave to my sister’s love.
  2. Telling her a secret that she didn’t even tell her mother because of her trust in her.
  3. Only sisters who have brothers know that he is not a child but a little devil.
  4. It’s not about looking at time and fighting, it’s sister’s brother’s affection, it’s about fighting all the time you want.
  5. Sister is a mother in the absence of a mother and an angel when the mother is there she connects everyone with love.
  6. No brother has the power to bear the tears of his sister, and no sister has the power to bear the tears of her brother

Akka Thambi Quotes and Captions

“My sister was one of the women who knew how to single-handedly suppress a man’s anger and subdue the same man with her love.”

  1. My sister may not be born with me, but she is like my mother.
  2. The brother-sister relationship is not a rope tied to the hand, it is tied to the heart.
  3. Only the brothers know that the warmth and strictness of his sister is equal to that of another mother.
  4. In your love I am the slave and in your warmth I am the child and in your affliction I am the companion.
  5. Dear sister, I am your first child as a reincarnation of the mother. – Akka Thambi quotes
  6. Even if reincarnation comes, I am her brother.. And forever I want her own..!

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