Be Kind To Yourself Quotes and Sayings

Take a look at inspirational Be Kind To Yourself Quotes and how they can best motivate and inspire you. An inspirational collection of kind quotes for yourself that will inspire you to be kind to yourself, forgive, love and fully accept yourself. These “Be Kind To Yourself Quotes” quotes is about loving yourself, helping yourself, and being kind to yourself.

These kind quotes for yourself are created so that people understand the importance of self-love. These quotes about being kind to yourself are a great reminder that we show grace and kindness to ourselves during difficult times. This quote is a kind reminder to you to be kind to yourself and not to fidget.

The thoughts featured in this post are from various authors that I find very inspiring and certainly understand the importance of being kind to yourself. Today we have collected some great self-kindness sayings that will let you understand the importance of being kind to yourself first.

Often, while being kind to others, you forget that you have to be kind to yourself first, and that’s where these self-kindness sayings come into play. Be Kind to Yourself Quotes can make you feel that you are truly precious and deserve to be taken care of.

Be Kind To Yourself Quotes

Some people find it hard to be kind to themselves because they don’t feel they deserve it.

Sometimes it seems easier to love others than to love yourself.

The most important lesson we can learn in life is to love ourselves, because the way we treat ourselves directly affects the way we treat others.

Practicing self-compassion and being kind to yourself is not something that can be done overnight.

Learn to be kinder to yourself and your outside world will change too.

Be Kind To Yourself Quotes

Be kind to yourself to be happy enough to be kind to the world.

The best way to be kind to the world is to be kind to yourself, and your heart will be happier.

If you start being kind to yourself and those around you, you will radiate a positive glow.

When you are a kind person, you not only help others, but also yourself.

Be Kind to Yourself Quotes

Self-compassion is simply showing the same kindness to yourself as it is to others.

Always remember to give yourself kindness, compassion and attention to others.

You’ve shown so much compassion for others that it’s time to think about it for yourself.

The act of being kind to yourself is more valuable than you might think.

This kindness, by its very nature, is a means to awaken the spark of love within you and to help others discover that spark within themselves.

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Love Yourself Sayings

Being kind to yourself means acknowledging the good in yourself and in your life; your strength, your blessings.

Be Kind to Yourself Quotes

One way to feel good is to love yourself… take care of yourself.

Start by learning to let go of negative personal judgments and replace them with positive and loving thoughts about yourself.

Criticizing yourself is never a good feeling, so try to stop negative conversations before they snowball and become a big problem in your mind.

It’s time to stop talking negatively to yourself, let go of negativity, and learn to treat yourself with love and respect.

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Sometimes we ourselves can be the harshest critics, ready to get depressed and have a negative opinion.

We can become more irritable, ready to react negatively to everything negative, to react negatively in our interactions with others.

If we also have negative voices in our heads, if we always beat ourselves up for every little mistake or transgression, sooner or later our mind will be full of negativity.

We may give other people unusual advice on how to boost self-esteem, but when that conversation ends, we can still fight for self-love.

I think if you could give someone some advice, it would really teach them to be kind to themselves.

Use these quotes as inspiration to treat yourself with kindness and love.

You have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else and these self love should serve as a reminder to always appreciate that person looking at you in the mirror.

Do your best to keep the voices in your head kind – you deserve kindness.

Be Kind to Yourself Quotes

Of all the people in the world who deserve your love and kindness, you are the most worthy.

You have to remember that you too deserve love, patience, understanding and forgiveness – you deserve to love yourself.

Stop waiting for someone to give you that wonderful unconditional love and give it to yourself.

Building a relationship of kindness, respect, and love starts with doing it all for yourself.

Be kind to your body, kind to your mind, and patient to your heart.

Be Kind to Yourself Quotes

There is strong scientific evidence that kindness makes you and those around you happy.

Self-compassion — being supportive and kind to yourself, especially in the face of stress and setbacks — is associated with increased motivation and better self-control.

The power of self-kindness can help us heal from our chronic shame and self-hatred.

Because although I consider empathy one of my key traits, and although I am kind and compassionate to others, I am not so generous to myself.

Criticism will only make you feel bad, make you unhappy, and make you believe that you are not good enough.

Be Kind to Yourself Quotes

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