Best 40 Quotes About Hiding The Truth – Absolute Honesty

Here are the best 40 quotes about hiding the truth for you to live with absolute honesty by being honest with yourself and others. If you ever find it difficult to be honest or lie, use that honesty with truthful quotes to point you in the right direction.

Let these lie quotes inspire you to tell the truth instead of lying, help you understand if a person is lying or not, and how liars hurt the feelings of others, who will eventually lose trust in that person.

Best 40 quotes about hiding the truth

A secret to which the truth has always attached her lovers and thanks to which they learned that she sincerely offers them in hiding.

I’ve learned that pretending like you don’t have feelings makes you feel unhappy and dissatisfied, and ultimately, it’s what makes you really vulnerable to hiding from the truth.

I need us to tell the truth about how difficult it is and help each other instead of hiding behind pretense and the pressure of perfection.

best quotes about hiding the truth

I am simply speaking the truth, and speaking the truth is madness in a world full of lies.

I know that only the truth gives life, and only the movement towards reality will not make us strong, and no one will reach the truth until they become strong.

Truth is indivisible, therefore it cannot recognize itself; anyone who wants to admit it must be a lie.

Truth is not a weak point that men often think they can afford to denigrate.

If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh or they will kill you. Sometimes people will ask you questions with their eyes, begging you not to tell them the truth.

The only people who are angry because you tell the truth are those who live in lies.

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Best 40 quotes about hiding the truth

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing that you are not worth the truth. There is nothing better than hearing a lie when you already know the truth.

You don’t have to say everything you know, but let what you say is true as you understand it.

When you choose between a terrible truth and a beautiful lie, choose the truth every time.

Because no matter how beautiful a lie is, the truth is ultimately what you have to face.

I became so good that after a while, the line between my reality and my fiction began to blur.

There is a difference between lies and half-truths, but the scope is very narrow.

The smartest way to lie is to tell the right truth at the right time and then shut up.

There is a turning point in a lie, when you say it many times and it seems to be more true than the truth.

It is better to tell the truth and make someone cry than lie and make someone smile.

The harsh truth can be met face to face, won, but the lie will destroy your soul.

If you lie to someone in your life, you can almost guarantee that they will eventually find out the truth, and by then it will be much worse for you if you lied to cover up the difficult reality of the situation than by telling them right away.

This does not make these mistakes less painful or more acceptable, but at least you have not deliberately tried to hide and hide them if you are telling the truth at first.

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Best Quotes About Hiding the Truth

It may be difficult for you to lie, but to really get to the toilet, try to tell only the truth.

“Never lie to people you care about, even if the truth might hurt them. Live your true and righteous life, and be patient with those who are neither true nor righteous.

Never be afraid to raise your voice to defend honesty and honesty. Truth and compassion oppose injustice, lies and greed.

Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be happy in our daily life and to share that same happiness with others.

Honesty allows you to live a free life, it helps the person become a more authentic version of themselves without hiding behind pretensions.

best quotes about hiding the truth

Honesty allows people to trust a person, and lying means ignoring reality. Sincerity in a relationship is just as important as sincerity in everyday life.

Telling the truth helps build trust and allow two people to better understand each other and their situation.

Sometimes, carrying a shocking truth and hiding it is actually a gift from you to someone else.

best quotes about hiding the truth

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions to collapse.

People tend to whisper when they tell the truth and raise their voices when they lie. A banal lie concealing an exotic truth is a deception; an exotic lie concealing a banal truth is a narrative.

Lies can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on shoes.

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Please don’t lie Quotes

Lies are spreading around the world before the truth has time to put on its pants.

best quotes about hiding the truth

There is nothing better than the truth to greatly anger those who are hiding from it.

I suppose we all have our little hiding place, if the truth was known, but no matter how small, the whole world is in it, and little by little it grows on us again until you discover us.

Previously, I was tried for indifference, now I see that they are all hiding behind false truths.

Whoever does not shout the truth, knowing the truth, becomes an accomplice of liars and falsifiers.

best quotes about hiding the truth

A good liar knows that the most effective lie is always the truth, from which a key element has been taken away.

You can only find truth through logic if you have already found truth without it.

The main thing is not to find, it is to seek, this is the devotion with which the wheel of prayer and writing revolves, gradually revealing the truth.

best quotes about hiding the truth

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