Best Quotes and Sayings about “THUNDER”

The famous and best quotes of Thunder and Lightning inspire and motivate people to do their daily work, achieve their goals and learn the same things. As described in Percy Jackson and other stories, lightning is quite quiet, but thunder will make a loud roar, which every man and woman can hear day and night, lighting up day or night in the blink of an eye.

Here are some of the best thunderstorm quotes, as well as lightning quotes from Mark Twain, George Carlin and many more that you will love this day. Lightning flashed again and again, but there was never thunder over the howling of the wind and the crashing of the hail.

Best 18 Thunder Quotes

The thunder is good, the thunder is touching; but the zipper can do all the work.

It is said that all marriages are in the sky, and there are also thunder and lightning.

The hiss of the wind, the roar of thunder, lightning striking the sky.

Thunder and lightning in the clouds are accompanied by storms of passion in me, no matter how terrible they may be.

Best Thunder Quotes

“I hate it when storm clouds are approaching, foreshadowed by dazzling thunder and lightning boasting an ocean of tears.

God only shows thunder and lightning at regular intervals and therefore always attracts attention.

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If you ever want your soul to dance in the clouds, then sometimes At the point, you have to juggle lightning strikes and enjoy the thunder.

“Thunderstorms usually happened during the day, but one day I saw one at dawn, coming down to us from the high mountain valleys.”

thunder quotes

Lightning flashed in her eyes, and electricity lit up when she was close. the length of the sky.

Because, as all sane people knew that lightning was sent by God to punish wickedness or other grave sin, the virtuous are never struck by lightning.

Best Thunder Quotes

The trouble is that there are not so many fools, and the lightning is poorly distributed.

Lightning has been tamed and made to follow human commands and constantly follow subtle trails; and one can sit and communicate with the antipodes of the earth.

The roaring wind, the sky struck by lightning, dark clouds and eerie silence speak to me. Here, some quotes have used the storm as a metaphor and symbol of struggles and difficult moments in life.

He likes to say that he is calling you, not coming out, and it’s all about how you answer.

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If the day after tomorrow I die, the day after tomorrow is a thunderstorm.

Best Thunder Quotes

Because they are destroying the machine, you cannot afford to build another, and they, you know, disagree. Whatever happens, what falls will fall when it falls.

Best Thunder Quotes

There were moments in the game where we had guys on the field who just didn’t compete enough for me (and) not enough for our team, and that’s non-negotiable for me.

Best Thunder Quotes

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These motivating thunder quotes will inspire you to overcome obstacles and pave the way for success. These quote lists are a mixture of positive, inspirational, funny, romantic, beautiful, smart, sad quotes giving you an insight into life, love, relationships, and more. Be sure to check out these quotes from the hit Netflix show as well.

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