Collection of Emptiness in Life Quotes and Sayings

Any stage or event in life that requires you to think about yourself and your life can make you feel empty for a short time. love this quote right? Well we have collected 41+ Emptiness In Life Quotes for you in this article that motivates you can you will use this power to create your own successful world or for just feel good.

41 Emptiness in Life Quotes

“In a long-term relationship or marriage, it’s also normal to go through phases of emptiness or incoherence, but if the feeling persists, it could be a sign that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.”

The greatest tragedy in life is not an untimely death, but living for the sake of emptiness.

At some point, each of us experiences a period of painful emptiness.

Sometimes emptiness comes from being dissatisfied with our goals or dreams.

A sense of emptiness often represents something wrong or missing in a person’s life, such as a career, a friendship, or a position to which they no longer feel attached.

Most people experience emptiness—a lack of meaning or purpose—at some point in their lives.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

Feelings can come from a variety of reasons and can appear in short- or long-term relationships.

The feeling of emptiness is not always the reason for the breakup of a relationship, although it may be so.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

It may seem to you that everything is superfluous, and this can fill you with a deep emptiness that is inexplicable to others.

There are many ways to deal with feeling completely empty.

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Feeling of emptiness in life quotes

“No matter how strong I am, no matter how successful I am, life is empty without you. Your memory is what I have left, I no longer feel at home because without you my life is empty.”

To reduce the feeling of emptiness in your life and the lives of your loved ones, you can practice meditation or start some kind of conscious activity.

Emptiness In Life Quote for Instagram

To get rid of emptiness in life, you need to stay away from the feelings mentioned above.

Your hands may be full of money and your mind may be full of information, but if your heart is empty, your life will be empty.

I feel that there is a big hole in me, so empty that no one can fill it except you, there is a big hole in me.

This gaping void is starting to fill up, but there are holes in my heart, and everything in it will dry up, leaving me empty again.

Now it seems that I accept that the goodness of your heart does not exist at all and leaves me empty with this empty consent.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

I didn’t say anything for a while, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped void left inside me.

I felt captive in every way, I broke down, I disintegrated, and there was nothing but emptiness.

Beyond that, like most people I know, I have a big hole in my life, a huge void, and I don’t know how to fill it or even what it belongs to.

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Feeling Empty is so heavy Sayings

“At the end of the day, when I was tired after a cascade of tears, I was crying all over – and I feel that the sky will always be gloomy – nothing will fill the void inside.”

That night marked the end of the only chapter in my life that I knew, and I didn’t know how to live with the emptiness that awaited me.

This world I live in is empty and cold / loneliness cuts me and torments my soul.

When I’m cool, I don’t need anyone, and when I feel like shit and this big empty hole pops up inside of me, I just know that there has never been a god to fill it, and there never will be.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

I just want something other than the emptiness that I have carried with me all my life.

When I feel really alone, with a feeling of confusion, even emptiness inside, then I realize that I unconsciously moved away from God, so I return.

The more time I spend with Jeremy, especially last night when I can talk to you and get to know you better, the more I realize that you also fill a void in my heart.

We are often proud of our knowledge, even when it is filled with emptiness. Feelings can also make us strong and can also make us do the wrong things.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

This loneliness can cause sadness in people’s lives. It may be enough to deal with this feeling of loneliness to understand where others are.

This feeling can have many underlying causes, such as betrayal, disappointment, grief, or a bad life experience.

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Sad Quotes About Emptiness

“For example, the loss of a loved one—whether through death or separation—leaves a sense of emptiness because of the loss of someone who might have given life purpose and structure.”

Emptiness is a feeling from which you feel alienated and only in your heart.

There is some kind of emptiness in the center of life… there is nothing to build your life on and nothing to start from.

When my thoughts wander, they always find your way, my life is empty without you.

Don’t live for emptiness, don’t waste your evaporated life chasing the hustle and bustle of life.

My job is to notice my emptiness and find graceful ways to live as a broken, unfulfilled person – maybe to help myself and others feel better.

My chronic feeling of emptiness and boredom came from living a life based on my flaws, which were many.

Denying the feeling of inner emptiness, I was constantly looking for new things to acquire, people to be with, substances to take, and new goals to achieve in order to feel better.

Moments of emptiness still come as an ambush, but in the company of a true friend, a true smile can return, a true laugh, a true warmth.

Emptiness In Life Quotes

People who experience constant and intense feelings of emptiness may benefit from talking with a therapist, especially when it is difficult to focus on other areas of life.

For some time the shutters of my heart have been closed, its steps are empty, what used to be a noisy hotel, is now empty and loud like a large empty tomb.

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