28 Kite quotes and captions to celebrate ups & down

Kite quotes and captions are a great way to fly high! Get the motivation you need with the right quote. Let your first time fly high with these kite quotes and captions.

Whether you’re flying high in the sky or just trying to keep yourself from hitting the deck, these kite quotes are prepared by experts. Although the famous quote fly yourself high above the clouds seems to be about a colorful kite, it rings true for anyone who is too ambitious or too negative. If you need some inspiration, grab one of these flying quotes to get the ball rolling!

If you’re looking for a great quote that captures a moment in time, or to share an inspiring thought with your friends, then this collection of fly high quotes and captions is sure to inspire you.

28 Kite quotes and captions

“Fly high and enjoy some good company, Kite is a flying symbol of freedom and it has always been there to remind us that life does not need to be tied down by the physical world. If you are flying a kite, know that life is worth living and you will always be soaring over troubles.”

Kites can be either a sweet or a sour experience, depending on the person flying it. They are like birds. One day it’s beautiful, another day not so much.

Some days you can have a very good time with your kite while other times it simply won’t fly at all. – kite quotes

When kites won’t fly we’re generally blaming something else as there are many things that might stop your kite from flying like strong winds, strong temperature, too much rain or sunshine.

This is why a lot of people want to make their own designs for kites just in order to overcome any kind of difficulties they may encounter when trying to fly one.

You don’t know what you can do until you try. You don’t know what you can be until you learn how. You don’t know what you are until someone knows everything about you.

Kite-flying is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the earthly world and stave off guilt that you are wasting your time on earth.

kite quotes

I love kite-flying for that reason, but I also love it because it takes me away from reality and helps me clear my head from cares of the world and opens my eyes to celebrate life as it happens. – kite quotes

You can fly high and stay down low. It’s all about how hard you try.

Fly high quotes and captions

The best quotes are the ones that make you stop and think. They could be motivational, cheerful or wise. They could be funny or relate-able but always speak some truth. If you want to inspire others, use these beautiful quote images.

Kites are just right to emphasize your points, show someone else’s views or simply add a touch of humor to a message.

Usually you don’t think much about the fact that they exist. But they were first used in flight and were inspired by wind currents.

The same thing is true for kite, which were created specifically in order to make each other fly higher than they could without this help. – kite quotes

Kite flying is more fun than ever! Get into the wind and dive into the sky.

If you always see the positive side of things, you always have your head on straight.

Of course, we all have special people in our life. It’s the little moments that make them count the most.

The love and affection that we share for one another, the grand adventures we have together through life, and yes, even the moments when we bicker and disagree are what makes us who we are.

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Kite quotes and captions

We’ve all experienced each of those things at one time or another, but do you know what you can do to make sure they happen more often?

We are all going to die, but why rush into it?

Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Be yourself.

The only thing worse than being alone is looking like you don’t care about being alone.

You don’t know what you have until kite’s gone.

Flying kite is a game of inches, and the winners write their own rules.

A man has two reasons for flying kite: one to enjoy, and another to help others enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to fly kite. The worst that can happen is you fail. – kite quotes

The only way to avoid criticism while flying kite is to do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.

There are no small kites; only small players.

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