Unveiling the Passionate Soul: Exploring Leonard Ravenhill Quotes

Delve into the profound wisdom of Leonard Ravenhill, a renowned 20th-century Christian evangelist, as we unravel his poignant quotes that ignite the fire within, compelling us to live with fervor and purpose.

37 Leonard Ravenhill quotes and captions

“We have embraced the helpful hypothesis that the Holy book is a book to be made sense of, though most importantly it is a book to be accepted.”

The amazing chance should be taken advantage of inside the lifetime of the chance.

No man is greater than the way he prays.

The Church at this time is more pathetic than prophetic, has more fashion than passion.

A man who is sinning will stop praying, and a man who is praying will stop sinning.

The world no longer has the ability to blush at its vice. – Leonard Ravenhill quotes

The church of today wants to be freed from responsibility.

Do you know why there isn’t revival here? Since we are content to live without it!

He would never have been crucified if Jesus preached the same message that ministers preach today.

Leonard Ravenhill quotes and captions

The pastor who does not pray is playing. says the saying. No man is greater than his prayer life.

Leonard Ravenhill’s words

“The best supernatural occurrence that God can do today is to remove an unholy man from an unholy world and make him heavenly, then, at that point, set him back into that unholy world.”

Satan’s extraordinary gadget to keep Christians in the wild is to get them into debates about the superfluous items.

When you compare Him to men, you only make God look bad.

The devil’s substitute for joy is entertainment. – Leonard Ravenhill quotes

A genuine shepherd drives the way. He does more than just show the way.

People who thought they were good enough are all over hell.

Is the world to you tonight crucified? Or on the other hand does it captivate you?

Are the things you are living for worth Christ kicking the bucket for?

The opportunity of a lifetime must be taken advantage of within the opportunity’s lifetime.

Leonard Ravenhill quotes and captions

“One split the difference here, one more there, and soon enough our lives are filled with splits the difference. Hold fast to your beliefs.”

The devil’s substitute for joy is entertainment. You will require less entertainment the more joy you have in the Lord.

The greatest tragedy of life is not prayers that are not answered, but prayers that are not offered. – Leonard Ravenhill quotes

Petitioning God isn’t inquiring. A soul’s longing for it. It’s a daily acknowledgment of one’s vulnerability and dependence on God.

God has yet to show the world what He can do with a man who is completely dedicated to Him.

We can stand to be sumptuous in our liberality in light of the fact that our assets are boundless in Christ.

No one is greater than the way he prays. Playing is the pastor who is not praying; individuals who are not supplicating are wandering. – Leonard Ravenhill quotes

Restoration isn’t simply a close to home touch; It is an entire takeover.

The amazing open door should be immediately taken advantage of inside the lifetime of the chance.

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Leonard Ravenhill quotes and captions

“The church at this time is more fashionable than passionate, more pathetic than prophetic, and more superficial than supernatural.”

The genuine church lives and moves and has its being in petition.

A man who is sinning will stop praying, and a man who is praying will stop sinning.

When the Church exhibits apathy and apathy while the world around it is deteriorating, it is tragic.

People who think they deserve heaven are all over hell. – Leonard Ravenhill quotes

We must return to the urgent nature of eternity. Our time is short, and souls are dying.

Is it worth Christ’s death for the things you live for?

You can have every one of your precepts right — yet still not have the presence of God.

The truth is the only thing that matters. You can be truly off-base.

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