55 Life Deep Gulzar Quotes, Messages and Status

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55 Life Deep Gulzar Quotes and Status 

Jisake paas doosara option ho, vo aapaka kabhee nahin ho sakata.

Tum mere lie hamesha importent ho, phir chaahe hamaaree baat na ho, ya ham saath na ho.

Insaan kee aadhee maut to us din hee ho jaatee hai, jab usaka manapasand shakhs badal jaata hai.

Poore kee khvaahish mein ye insaan bahut kuchh khota hai, bhool jaata hai ki aadha chaand bhee khoobasoorat hota hai.

Jo khud pahale jaise nahin rahe, unhen ham badale hue nazar aate hai.

Steshan jaisee ho gaee hai jindagee, jahaan log bahut hai, par apana koee nahin.

Vah jo soorat par sabakee hansate hai¸unako tohaphe mein ek aaeena deejie.

Agar gussa hote to mana lete, magar aapaka to man hee bhar gaya hamase.

Ek tarapha pyaar ab haar raha hai, khush vahee hai jo das jagah munh maar raha hai.

Kaash tum kabhee jor se gale lagaakar kaho, darate kyon ho paagal, tumhaaree hee hoon mai.

Life Deep Gulzar Quotes and Status 

Vo cheej jise dil kahate hain, ham bhool gae hain rakh kar kaheen.

Takadeer ne yah kah kar badee tasallee dee hai mujhe kee, ve log tere kaabil nahee the, jinhe tujhase door kiya mainne.

Bachapan mein bharee dupaharee mein naap aate the poora mohalla, jab se digriyaan samajh mein aayee paanv jalane lage hain.

Kabhee jindagee ek pal mein gujar jaatee hain, aur kabhee jindagee ka ek pal nahin gujarata.

Jabase tumhaare naam kee misaree honth lagaee hai, meetha sa gam hai, aur meethee see tanhaee hai.

Agar aapake andar shabd hote hain, to aap duniya ke har sangeet se behatar kuchh bana sakate hain.

Jindagee ka bhee ajeeb khel hai, khelane vaalon ko hee milata hai pata.

Aankhon mein rahata hai jo, vo dikhata nahin, dil mein utar jae vo, bayaan karata nahin.

Nahin badal sakate hain ham, khud ko auro ke hisaab se, ek libaas hamen bhee diya hai, khuda ne apane hisaab se!

Life Deep Gulzar Quotes and Status

Jab tak khud mein khushee nahin hai, tab tak asalee khushee kabhee nahin milatee.

Jis din aapakee kalam se aapakee asalee aavaaj nikalatee hai, us din aapako aap se jyaada koee nahin samajh sakata.

Jeevan ke raaste hamesha rangeen hote hain, bas dhundhale sapanon se nahin bhatakana chaahie.

Ek khoobasoorat sa rishta khatm ho gaya, ham dostee nibhaate rahe aur use ishq ho gaya.

Takaleef khud kee kam ho gayee, jab apanon se ummeed kam ho gaeen.

Sach ko tameej hee nahee baat karane kee¸ jhooth ko ‍dekho kitana meetha bolata hai.

Life is like a river; it moves, sometimes calmly and sometimes with waves, but always goes forward.

In the big book of life, every page has a story, and each story teaches us something important.

Think of life like the moon. It has different phases. Accept the dark times; they lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Gulzar Sahab’s Words

Time is like a storyteller; it tells us about our lives, one moment at a time.

In life’s garden, plant seeds of kindness, and watch them grow into beautiful memories.

Every heartbeat is like a rhythm, creating the music of our lives. Enjoy the melody.

Life’s picture has both sunshine and storms. Accept the differences; they make a beautiful picture.

The journey of life is like a dance, and each step teaches us about grace and strength.

Stars may shine alone in the sky, but they become more brilliant when they come together. Life is like that too.

Silence is powerful in life’s music. Listen carefully; it has its own beauty.

Life is like a rose with thorns. Face challenges with care, and you’ll find the beauty within.

In life’s play, every role is important. Celebrate the differences; they make the play special.

Gulzar Sahab’s Words

Memories last longer than moments. Create a life that smells sweet.

Life’s journey is like a pilgrimage, and every meeting is a special part of it.

Dreams are like kites in the sky. Let them fly high. The sky is big, just like your potential.

Each day in the book of time is a chapter. Write a story that people would enjoy reading.

Raindrops and tears are similar. They clean the soul and bring new beginnings.

Life’s script has surprises, but those unexpected moments make the story interesting.

Sunsets remind us that endings can be very beautiful. Learn to let go gracefully.

The heart is like a poet, and feelings are like verses. Let your life be a beautiful song.

Footprints on the sand tell stories of a journey. Make sure yours is worth sharing.

Life Deep Gulzar Quotes and Status

Like a candle in the dark, be a light for others. Your kindness may brighten their path.

In life’s orchestra, each feeling plays a part. The music is incomplete without all the emotions.

Life is like a mosaic of moments; each piece adds to the beauty of the whole picture.

The mirror shows more than your appearance; it reflects the impact of your choices. Choose wisely.

Like a river finding its way to the ocean, life unfolds toward its destiny. Trust the journey.

Footsteps might fade, but acts of kindness last forever. Walk a path filled with compassion.

Stars shine the brightest in the darkest sky. Your strength is your special glow.

In the garden of friendships, nurture the flowers of trust. They bloom with the scent of loyalty.

Life is a book written by time. Every chapter teaches a new lesson. Learn, grow, and make your story worth reading.

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