56 Nazar Quotes in English: Phrases about Evil Eyes

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56 Nazar Quotes in English

“Evil eyes are like dark clouds, but your optimism is like the sun breaking through.”

  1. You are terrified as evil eyes stare at you.

  2. When someone gives you the evil eye, it’s as if they’re sending you negative energy.

  3. Evil eyes will try to bring you down, but you must remain strong and positive.

  4. Don’t let the evil eye ruin your joy; keep smiling!

  5. If you believe in yourself, evil eyes cannot harm you.

  6. Keep evil eyes at bay by surrounding yourself with positivity.

    Nazar Quotes in English

  7. Shine brightly, and the evil eyes will vanish.

Evil Eyes Quotes and Captions 

“Be aware of the evil eyes, but do not allow them to dominate your thoughts.”

  1. Your self-assurance acts as a shield against evil gazes.

  2. Evil eyes may try to dim your light, but you are far too bright.

  3. Continue forward, and evil eyes will be unable to catch up.

  4. Fear not evil eyes; they cannot harm your dreams.

  5. With kindness, you can rise above the negativity of evil eyes.

  6. The power of goodness always triumphs over the evil gaze.

  7. Don’t let evil eyes affect you like a whisper in the wind.

Evil Eyes Quotes and Captions

“Evil eyes may try to sow seeds of doubt, but your faith is the most effective weed killer.”

  1. You are more powerful than any evil eye that strikes you.

  2. Evil eyes may try to trip you up, but your optimism keeps you upright.

  3. Surround yourself with people who will shield you from evil eyes.

  4. Don’t let evil eyes cloud your bright future.

  5. Shine brightly, and evil eyes will be distracted.

  6. If you stay true to yourself, evil eyes will have no power over you.

  7. If you swat them away, evil eyes are like mosquitoes: annoying but harmless.

Nazar Quotes in English

“Storms may be created by evil eyes, but your calm spirit is the anchor that keeps you steady.”

  1. Your laughter protects you from the arrows of evil eyes.

  2. Even if they have an evil eye, be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

  3. Evil eyes may try to rain on your parade, but you’re protected by a positive umbrella.

  4. Your kindness has the power to repel the evil gaze.

  5. Allow your success to be the best retaliation against the evil eyes.

  6. Your positive energy is a lightning rod in the face of evil eyes.

  7. Smile at evil eyes; it disarms their negativity.

Nazar Quotes in English

“Keep your dreams safe in a fortress; evil eyes will not be able to penetrate the walls of determination.”

  1. Keep your dreams close; evil eyes will not be able to see them.

  2. Don’t let evil eyes turn your dream garden into a minefield of doubts.

  3. Your happiness acts as a shield against evil eyes.

  4. Avoid evil eyes like dark alleys and stay in the bright lanes of positivity.

  5. Surround yourself with a wall of confidence that no evil eye can penetrate.

  6. Evil eyes, like shadows, appear only when there is light. Continue to shine!

  7. Positive thoughts serve as a shield against evil eyes.

Nazar Quotes in English

“Evil eyes may try to drag you down, but your goals are like wings that keep you flying.”

  1. When evil eyes come your way, dance joyfully through the storm.

  2. Don’t let the evil eyes steal the show from your accomplishments.

  3. Your accomplishments are a fortress that evil eyes cannot penetrate. – nazar quotes in English

  4. They can’t stand in the presence of bravery, so face evil eyes with courage.

  5. Surround yourself with a bubble of joy; evil eyes will not be able to burst it.

  6. Evil eyes may attempt to create waves, but your inner peace is a firm shore.

  7. Your heart is a garden; don’t let negative thoughts grow there.

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Nazar Quotes in English

“Your dreams are a fortress; evil eyes cannot penetrate the fortified walls of determination.”

  1. Evil eyes are like shattered compasses; they can’t guide you to success.

  2. Your upbeat attitude acts as a shield that evil eyes cannot penetrate.

  3. When evil eyes try to rain on your parade, dance joyfully in the rain. – nazar quotes in English

  4. Evil eyes may try to extinguish your candle, but your spirit is a never-ending flame.

  5. Surround yourself with a fortress of love; evil eyes will not be able to penetrate its walls.

  6. Shadows may be cast by evil eyes, but your light is too bright to be dimmed.

  7. Don’t let evil eyes dictate the chapters of your life. Make up your own story!

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