4 Sets of Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines for Class 3 to 9

Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines

Here, we are presenting sets of Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines in English for students under line limits of 5 and 10 lines. This topic is useful for students of classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. These provided paragraphs will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches.

Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines – Set 1

  1. Tiranga is the name of our national flag.
  2. The three colors of our national flag are green, white, and saffron.
  3. At the top, saffron stands for bravery and selflessness.
  4. White, which represents peace and truth, is in the center.
  5. Green, which represents bravery and faith, is at the bottom.
  6. In the center of the white stripe is an Ashoka Chakra in the color navy blue.
  7. With its 24 spokes, the Ashoka Chakra stands for dharma and law.
  8. The 22 July 1947 saw the adoption of the flag.
  9. Pingali Venkayya designed our national flag.
  10. The tiranga represents our diversity and togetherness.

Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines – Set 2

  1. A reminder to be bold like our heroes is given by saffron.
  2. White encourages us to pursue peace and the truth.
  3. Green exhorts us to be brave and have faith.
  4. The Ashoka Chakra represents advancement and morality.
  5. Every Indian takes great pride in our national flag.
  6. On Republic Day and Independence Day, we raise the Tiranga.
  7. An expression of happiness and patriotism is our national flag.
  8. People from all backgrounds come together under the flag.
  9. Tiranga, a symbol of our sovereignty, soars high in the sky.
  10. Tiranga’s design is distinctive and significant.

Our National Flag Tiranga Essay 10 Lines – Set 3

  1. Our national flag is something we should always respect and honor.
  2. Our rich cultural legacy is reflected in our national flag.
  3. Colors have profound symbolic meanings that link us to the past.
  4. The tiranga represents the sacrifices made in order to grant us freedom.
  5. Our nation’s unity is symbolized by our national flag.
  6. The three colors work wonderfully together.
  7. A ray of hope for a more prosperous and cohesive India is Tiranga.
  8. The flag must never touch the ground.
  9. The flag is folded with the greatest care and respect.
  10. The flag serves as a continual reminder of our civic responsibilities.

5 Lines on Our National Flag Tiranga – Set 4

  1. We raise the flag and sing the national anthem.
  2. Every government office and school proudly raises the Tiranga.
  3. When our national flag is raised, there is a moment of respect and silence.
  4. Tiranga fosters a love and sense of national identity.
  5. Our flag is a symbol of who we are as a nation, not just a piece of fabric.

5 Lines on Our National Flag Tiranga – Set 5

  1. Among the flags of other countries, our national flag is distinctive.
  2. The tricolor represents the diversity of our nation.
  3. Tiranga is a symbol that unites us in times of joy and sorrow.
  4. Let’s always value and uphold the dignity of our national flag.
  5. Long may our Tiranga wave, symbolizing the spirit of India!

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