40 Prem quotes in English to be your best self

Prem quotes in English or compassion quotes and captions are just the thing you need to motivate you to be your best self. There’s no time like the present for you to start being a better person, so let’s get started!

40 Prem quotes in English

“Both can be helpful in our interactions with others, but there are some things that people do well when they truly understand what another person is going through or experiencing and those are things they’ll carry with them throughout their lives.”

Compassion is the greatest of human virtues.

Love is a gift that you give yourself.

Be compassionate with yourself. You deserve it.

Compassion is not a feeling, it is an action. – prem quotes in English

Compassion requires the ability to see others as they are and not as you wish them to be.

Compassion is a verb. It can be used actively or passively, but whether you use it or not, you cannot help but feel compassion for someone else’s pain.

Compassion is something that grows in direct proportion to how much you give it away.

Prem quotes in English

Compassion isn’t weakness; it’s strength!

Compassion is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Compassion quotes and captions

“It’s hard to know when you’re feeling compassion and when you’re just feeling empathy. Both are really important components of human interaction, but they have different purposes.”

Though it’s easy to think of compassion as a purely emotional response, it’s actually a state of mind that can be cultivated by anyone who has been lucky enough to feel it.

When you give, you get.

Kindness is the language which moves the deaf.

The greatest joy in life is to be loved for what you are, and not for what you have.

You can’t love someone until you learn to love yourself first. – prem quotes in English

Compassion is the link that binds us to other people and enables us to build stronger relationships, says the author.

The bridge that connects our hearts to the suffering of others is compassion.

I am compassionate because I know what it’s like to be the one who feels left out.

If you have a problem and don’t solve it, that problem will solve itself.

I am compassionate because I have compassion for others.

Prem quotes in English

“When we don’t know how to show compassion, we can still feel it in our hearts and souls. It’s the same as if we have aching bones that ache for their own kind of love. We can still feel that pain even though we don’t know what to do about it!”

Compassion is more than just an emotion; it’s a way of life that can change the world with kindness, says the definition.

Choose compassion in a world where you can be anything. – prem quotes in English

We create a ripple effect of kindness that goes far beyond what we can see when we approach others with compassion.

Being present with others and providing a safe space to heal is what compassion is all about,

Seeing the humanity in others, despite their flaws and mistakes, is true compassion.

Compassion is a sign of strength and courage, not weakness. – prem quotes in English

Your compassion and understanding are the greatest gifts you can give to someone.

Compassion is a constant practice of empathy and love, not a one-time act.

To heal the wounds of division and hatred, the world needs more compassion, kindness, and understanding.

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Prem quotes in English

“Compassion is about understanding the situation from the other person’s point of view and being able to connect with their feelings without getting overwhelmed or being too judgmental. Empathy is about being able to see things from your perspective, but without judging them or making judgments for them.”

The language of the heart that transcends all barriers and unites us in our shared humanity is compassion.

Compassion is the light that illuminates the path to understanding and healing and shines through the darkness.

We not only help others but also improve our own lives when we show compassion. – prem quotes in English

Compassion is a mark of strength and courage, not weakness.

Compassion enables us to comprehend the struggles of others and see the world through their eyes.

The fuel that drives us to change the world and leave a positive impact is compassion.

Taking action to alleviate someone’s suffering is what compassion is all about, not feeling sorry for them.

Compassion and understanding are the greatest gifts we can give someone. – prem quotes in English

Unlocking the power of empathy and building a society that is more compassionate requires compassion.

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