39 Rainbow quotes and captions for kids

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39 Rainbow quotes for kids

“Just like the prism refracted light differently as you changed the angle, every love experience reveals love in a different way, drawing on an endless palette of patterns and shades.”

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

And when it rains at your parade, look up instead of down. Without rain, there would be no rainbows.

Gratitude is the true treasure that God wants us to find, because it is not the pot of gold but the rainbow that colors our world. – rainbow quotes for kids

It takes sun and rain to make a beautiful rainbow.

Don’t miss out on all the beautiful colors of the rainbow when looking for a pot of gold.

In life, you choose to sing Rainbow or not. Keep singing.

Somewhere over the rainbow, the sky is blue and the dreams you dare to dream come true.

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To enjoy the rainbow, first enjoy the rain.

Stay strong, after every storm there is a rainbow.

Colors of the sky quotes

“They come after a hard rain when the sun comes shining through and they remind us of hope and light after a period of darkness.”

A rainbow a day keeps the blues away!

Stunts are exciting because they have power, they have rainbows, they have songs, and they have courage and madness!

When it rains, you look for the rainbow, when it’s dark, you look for the stars.

Celebrities like beautiful rainbows just as much as all of us, and they use them as their own inspiration.

These rainbow quotes and captions will make you think about colourful skies and golden pots.

Rainbows are a happy thing for us, seeing a rainbow makes us feel joyous, so why not celebrate it.

After the storms have passed, we look at rainbows as symbols of better things, they often raise our spirits. – rainbow quotes for kids

Like the rainbow after the storm, these quotes offer hope and happiness.

I really hope that one of these rainbow will make your day feel just a bit better.

Prism quotes and captions

The essays are different in that they are, at their core, things that interest me, and really, I am just writing about myself, using these subjects as a lens. One thing that jazz has always been good at is translating the realities of a given moment through the prism of music.

Perception is the prism, reality is like shooting silk — depending on where light hits.

A simple beam of light can penetrate into the darkened world and light it up.

When the white light, such as it is, passes through the prisms of the separate lives of individuals, it breaks out in infinite varieties of colors… each one of which discloses some unique dimension of the divine holiness.

The white light flows downward, broken up by these human prisms into every color of the rainbow.

From first sight, I am boxed into the prism, with rainbows tempting other black-circled selves into sharing my prison.

Just as the white light is refracted through the prism and divided into a multitude of colours, Gods everlasting nature of love, expressed through a glass prism, becomes Gods story of love in a multitude of colours. – rainbow quotes for kids

Friendship is like the prism through which our lives are revealed to have so many variations of beauty.

Her face broke out in a prism of colors and lights, her eyes brimming with tears, which felt like fire when they fell on her cheeks.

When we tell stories, we tend to use a persons lived experience–the Journey of one particular Hero, to borrow mythologist Joseph Campbells phrase–as the prism to make sense of all the rest.

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Rainbow quotes for kids

“When you look at the world, the world isn’t just a palette. It’s a beautiful rainbow, and why isn’t there anyone representing that rainbow?”

If you look down, you’ll never find a rainbow.

I look at everyone as a rainbow. In everyone on the planet, there are all the colors of the rainbow.

Sunset is always my favorite color and rainbow is my second.

I know that if the colors were visible as they are, I would see a summer garden in rainbow clouds.

I want to see the world as a rainbow instead of an endless shade of gray.

He looked at her like people look at a rainbow, absorbing this unexpected beauty, not wanting to look away in case it disappeared. – rainbow quotes for kids

My heart leaps when I see a rainbow in the sky.

No two people see the rainbow the same way…

Rainbow Apologizes for Angry Sky.

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