Collection of 43 Best Realisation quotes about Life

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43 Realisation quotes about Life

Two fantasy cartoon characters come to a shocking realization of their world and their role in maintaining it.

their world desires self-realization with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

Don’t pretend to be who you are not, instead pretend to be who you want to be, this is not a fantasy, this is a journey to fulfill yourself.

In the Western sense, self-actualization is “the possibility of self-realization of one’s own character or personality”.

realisation quotes about life

In the Indian understanding, self-actualization is the liberating knowledge of the true self.

This self-realization is the theme of Gita, like all scriptures…to be a true devotee is to realize oneself.

realisation quote about life

Love is the difficult realization that something other than yourself is real.

Man does not need to feel inferior to man in order to realize his sin; on the contrary, he must understand that he receives no special justification for his sin.

realisation quotes about life

Men can starve from lack of self-realization in the same way as from lack of bread.

You can search all over the world, but you will not find happiness until you understand that happiness is not about getting what you want.

I think you have come to the conclusion that yes, you will get tired, but that does not mean that you can give up the fight.

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Late Realisation Quotes

Do your best knowing that nothing will get you in better shape than being in the ring.

You learn something from everything, and you understand more than ever that we are all here for a certain time, and then it will all end, and you better take it into account.

As much as it hurts now, one day you will look back and realize that your struggle changed your life for the better.

When you begin to understand that your past does not necessarily determine the outcome of your future, then you can let go of the pain.

realisation quotes about life

How much we suffer shows how much we are hurt by this awareness.

If we can realize that life always happens for us and not for us… the game is over and all the pain and suffering is gone.

I would say that nothing brings meaning to life more than realizing that every moment of consciousness is a precious and fragile gift.

As I look back on your life, I realize that whenever I think I’m being rejected by good things, I’m actually being redirected to better things.

The realization that many of those whom you once considered the world to be nothing more than glorified assholes means that you have matured.

Then there are many people who have done things in the past in their lives, but how many are actually aware of things.

realisation quotes about life

Just what happens to young people in general, so I hope you enjoy the realization quotes.

I always suspected that getting up early in infancy made me nervous.

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Love realisation quotes

Each of us gains true wisdom when we realize how little we know about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

Since Lear is a (former) king, self-knowledge also helps Lear understand the true nature of power.

The scary thing is true self-awareness, in his next scene Lear will go mad.

Lear’s demonstration of self-knowledge paves the way for his reconciliation with Goneril, which is closest to the moment of King Lear’s redemption.

The accuracy of Lears’ self-description and the simplicity of his language show just how far Lear has come from the opening scene of the show.

realisation quotes about life

The only power is in realization, and it is in ourselves and comes from thinking.

Fulfillment is the state in which a person understands or realizes something, or the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or expected.

It is the fulfillment of this third stage, adoption, that requires our passion and our discipline, our hearts and our thoughts.

Realizing your potential and having confidence in your abilities, you can build a better world.

I believe that today you will live so long that you will understand that you are the masters of your destiny, the masters of your destiny; if there is something you want in this world, you must strike with confidence and faith in yourself and achieve it.

realisation quotes about life

I also understand that hard work is the only way to express everything that I carry within me.

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Realization quotes

In the course of self-reflection, it was realized that the revolution begins within oneself.

It was the same God, and the different realizations were only degrees and differences in vision.

Full self-awareness of the power of professional knowledge in all its fields and of how professionals produce, and of the importance of knowledge for the development of technology and of the methods by which abstract knowledge can be linked to technology, and of the limitless possibilities.

Thanks to his knowledge of technological progress, the realization of all these things was first fully achieved in the nineteenth century.

realisation quotes about life

Life is a journey of accomplishment that often ends where dreams never begin.

This self-denial is the only way to enter the Kingdom of God and realize the life of the Kingdom.

Realize that this can lead to anything from changing the dialogue to realizing that what you thought was a dramatic scene should actually have some humor in it.

It seemed to him now that such thoughts were vile, unworthy of his life. He vaguely remembered thinking about failure as if it mattered.

realisation quotes about life

You didn’t realize what was happening until you slowed down to get a better look.

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