34 Rebel quotes for the sake of truth and justice

Below, you will find a compilation of motivational, uplifting, and encouraging Rebel quotes, Rebel Sayings, and Rebel Proverbs. The best rebel captions are based on nothing but my own personal tastes, and are in no particular order. Feel free to share on Instagram and Twitter and please do not forgot to tag us. Be a rebel but never forget your limits because Martin Luther King Jr. was rebel but people remember him is as gentleman. Fight for your right but never hurt a innocent.

34 Rebel quotes and captions

“Every decent person should be radical and a rebel, because the goal that should occupy her is to do things better than they are.”

She is always sticking to her principles and doing what she believes is right.

Every woman is a rebel, and more often than not, she is a rebel against herself.

The very nature of an artist is one that revolts, or rebels, against the established order.

Rebel, a challenge to an individual or group of authorities, or one who rebels against the established government or ruler by opposition or by means of armed resistance. – rebel quotes

Always to rebel for the sake of truth, never to rebel for the purpose of rebellion.

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College is the one place you are allowed to rebel while doing exactly what the men in power are telling you.

Anyone who was rebellious once in their lives cannot go back to being normal.

It is not rebels that make trouble, it is trouble that makes the rebels.

Revolt Quotes And Captions

“The only thing that can be done is… to give the revolution direction… by following mass opinion, by events…. What the people want is hardly ever what the people say.”

Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, of revolution, of raising consciousness.

A great revolution is never the fault of the people, it is the fault of government.

A revolution is never something that is predicted; it is impossible to predict; it comes about by itself.

We may alter the character of the revolution, but we cannot alter its inevitability.

The only thing to do is to have one of the few children it has, by virtue of a triumph, provide a direction to it.

The people only want a particular revolution, whether it is external, whether it is political, etc. – rebel quotes

They want a revolution, and we are going to give them reforms–a whole bunch of reforms; we are going to drown them in reforms.

Revolt Quotes And Captions

“Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolutions inevitable. Everything standing in the way of a revolution is upended and destroyed.”

Always remember, the only thing standing in the way of full-blown revolution is your fear of losing that little shred they threw at you.

A revolution is coming, a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are lucky, but a revolution which will come whether we will or will not.

Even when the revolution is carried out by others on behalf of the masses, it is still a revolution, for it is an expression of what the masses want.

Revolution, in the fullest sense, has to be prepared in mens minds and behaviours, even before institutions are fundamentally changed.

While revolutions are always possible, they are definitely not declared, and cannot be planned, not even by men with revolutionary aspirations. – rebel quotes

It is no difficulty to become a revolutionary when revolutions are already in progress and are raging, when everyone is joining a revolution simply because it is carried on, because it is fashionable, or sometimes also out of professional motivations.

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Rebel quotes and captions

“I am committed, as a rebel, as a non-convertible rebel, to the one thing — to the free and independent republic.”

Anyone who was once rebellious cannot go back to being ordinary.

To know what type of society emerges from such disruption, we need to live the experience of revolution.

The rebels figure out where the holes are, where rules can best be broken.

Rebels figure out where the holes are, and how to circumvent rules.

Peace of mind, peace of sleep, and peace of mind are all luxuries that few rebels ever have.

We are rebels with a cause, poets with a vision, and we will not go down without a fight.

We are rebels with a cause, poets with a dream, and we are not going to let this world die without a fight. – rebel quotes

I am not trying to be a rebel; I am just always feeling kind of outside it.

The rebels did more in a single night than my entire military might in one month.

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