SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool [Best SEO Tool For Beginners]

What is SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool?

In this blog we are going to talk about SEMscoop is one of the best Keyword Research tool in the market for beginners to understand keyword volume, keyword difficulty, keyword overview and most important competition at one place.

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For Me I personally recommend you to use SEMscoop keyword research tool if you are new to this SEO industry. SEMscoop provide a wonderful experience to newbie SEO guy for learn the basics of Keyword research.

SEMscoop can save your hours and give you best result regarding your keyword research. Trust me SEMscoop keyword research tool is far better than other Keyword research tool in Market for beginners. I will tell you later why I am telling SEMscoop best from others? Keep Reading….

Who Own SEMscoop Tool?

Serah Smith – Arbitrageur – SEMScoop

340 S Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789, United States

SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool Features : Free

Well Excited! Yes Alot! Keyword Research is the backbone of our SEO Strategy. Agreee!

SEMscoop keyword research tool is heaven for beginner SEO guy. How? Let me tell you how! Let’s Understand with a Keyword Example btw you all are SEO experts after all.

I am going to involve you in a small keyword research huddle so you can easily understand the keyword intent, research, planning and lot more in single article.

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Sorry! Yea ready.

Keyword Example : Social Media Marketing

Let’s Assume you are going to write an article about Social Media Marketing. But there are thousands no no lacs of articles on google already and it’s impossible to rank on this search query.

Right! But here SEMscoop keyword research tool Can guide us, help us and will show us what to do! [For : Free]

Yes our keyword is Social Media Marketing has monthly search volume of almost 210000. That means lot of people are searching for this query but we can’t rank no.1 on google until unless we have huge authority website or traffic on our website.

As you know this blog is for beginners so we have lot of work to do to increase everything for our website. So Now what’s the plan?

First log into SEMscoop.

Type your Search query in Search box in our case (Social Media Marketing) and update Location and Language.

Image :

Hit Search button. Now We have an interface like this image. (PS: open in new tab for better experience)

Now you can see the detailed overview of our search query. We have monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, Keyword Ideas, top search results with domain authority.

In free version we will get 50 Free Keyword ideas with search volume. isn’t it enough? Well I will teach you how you can use this data for you blog and content strategy. Stick with me.

How to Use SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool Data?

I know you have lot of questions regarding keyword research. I will try to answer few of them. Please write in comment box if your question get unanswered it will be appreciated.

Firstly we have Keyword Ideas at extreme left side in free version you will get 50 free keyword ideas with search volume (all 50), CPC and PPC data.

Image :

Now question is how to use this data? Just take a piece of paper and write down all keywords. Remember don’t pick high volume keywords coz it is highly competitive and very hard to rank.

Just for I example I am suggesting you to take social media marketing strategy. It has 14800 search volume monthly it will be less competitive than our seed keyword.

Now what next if you are going to write an article or blog on social media strategy there are high chances that you are going to talk about new strategies and the future of social media marketing. On that very note don’t combine 2 or more keywords in your blog or article.

Well I am saying it you because as a reader we don’t blunders. Leave.

Now The Real Thing Happen :

In SEMScoop keyword Research Tool you can see keyword difficulty for our desired keyword. Now we have two keywords

first Social Media Marketing Strategy and second Social Media Marketing future. RIGHT!

Now go and check search volume of second keyword using SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool or directly on google.

I checked and its 100 but will increase in future and for us (beginners) its a wonderful opportunity to rank. And always remember the LVP (Lowest Volume Possibility).

LVP means we have to break our keywords till lowest volume, what do I mean by that.

Read Carefully! First we have keyword Social Media Marketing with 210000 search volume, then we break it via SEMscoop keyword ideas and we get Marketing strategy with 14800 volume and now we have to break it with social Media Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs, students, small business, influencers or schools.

We have break down our keyword till last point now if you check you will get 210 search volume or less for your this particular keyword.

Now all Set. We have topic to write with lowest keyword difficulty and trust me you can easily rank on that keyword coz it is 95% less competitive than our seed keyword.

I hope your query get answered. Blog is not over yet it’s only an overview of how you can use keyword Ideas for your next blog. But there are few more things to learn about SEMscoop keyword research tool.

Understand Keyword Difficulty Level

Keyword Difficulty is a blessing for SEO guys coz it told us that should I write or include this keyword in my blog or article. In My personal experience SEMscoop’s keyword difficulty measurement is far better than any other tool in market place for beginners.

it’s easy to understand and technically correct. Well Which keyword difficulty is good for us?

0 to 10 best for everyone.

10 to 25 is moderate and even 1 DA websites can use this keyword.

25 to 50 is good for 30+ DA website owners (50000 traffic/month) not for us.

50 to 100 is not good for anyone but for Wikipedia or giant news websites but not for us.

but remember content is the king……….

Follow this measures while writing your next content. Well there are exception everywhere if your content is out of the box or damn beautiful then you can rank even on 100 difficulty keyword.

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SEMscoop top 3 Search Result page

Well how this results can help us?

Let me tell you how! Analyze this 3 top search results. You will get the overview which is most important for every SEO writer or editor.

Here we have SEO Title, Meta description, URL slug, Domain Authority, Domain Age, Page Authority, Content Size and Backlinks. So We have all important Measures that are helpful to organize our content and skyrocket our blog ranking.

Traffic of My Website : Here’s the Proof

Well You might be thinking that what’s your credibility and do you have any experience or traffic on your website? Then I want to say yes! I applied same strategy on my website and I hit almost 15K hits monthly as per 29 Sep. 2021. See the pic below.

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So I hope my SEMscoop Keyword Research Tool Guile Article will help you. If you have any query than please ask me in comment section or mail me at [email protected]

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