70 Slogan On Malaria in English: Combatting Malaria

Explore a collection of impactful collection 0f Slogan on malaria in English, designed to raise awareness and inspire action. Uncover the power of concise messaging in the fight against this persistent global health threat.

70 Slogan On Malaria in English

  1. Swat the Bite, Fight Malaria’s Might!
  2. Buzz Off Malaria, Let Life Flourish.
  3. Be a Fighter, Mosquitoes Aren’t Inviters!
  4. No Mosquito Zone, No Malaria Throne.
  5. Defeat the Sting, Let Malaria Take a Fling.
  6. Malaria-Free is the Way to Be.
  7. Strike Out Malaria, Score for Health.
  8. Not Today, Mosquitoes, Not Any Day!
  9. Guard Your Dreams, Malaria Redeems.
  10. Zero Tolerance for Malaria Nuisance.

Slogan On Malaria

Beat Malaria Lines

  1. Beat the Buzz, Kick Malaria’s Fuzz.
  2. Malaria’s Game Over, Health’s Four-Leaf Clover.
  3. Be the Shield, Mosquitoes Must Yield.
  4. Chase Away Mosquitoes, Let Malaria Throttle.
  5. Wipe Out Malaria, Smile In Its Hysteria.
  6. Stand Tall, Malaria Shall Fall.
  7. Malaria’s a Myth, Health’s the Gift.
  8. Defend the Night, Malaria Take Flight.
  9. Be Smart, Malaria Can’t Outsmart.
  10. Crush the Itch, Malaria’s Pitch.

Beat Malaria Lines

  1. Break the Chain, Malaria’s in Vain.
  2. Malaria’s a Loser, Choose Health’s Cruiser.
  3. Mosquitoes Retreat, Malaria’s Defeat.
  4. Shoo the Sickness, Malaria’s Witness.
  5. Not a Byte for Malaria, Only Health Criteria.
  6. Unleash Health, Malaria’s Stealth.
  7. Keep Calm, No Malaria Alarm.
  8. Guardian Against Malaria, Health’s Regalia.
  9. Play Safe, Malaria’s Not a Game.
  10. Strike Malaria Out, Hear the Victory Shout.

Slogan On Malaria in English

  1. No Room for Malaria’s Gloom.
  2. Shield the Night, Malaria Takes Flight.
  3. Health Prevails, Malaria Fails.
  4. No Retreat, No Surrender, Malaria Remember.
  5. Champion Health, Malaria’s Stealth.
  6. Block the Bite, End Malaria’s Plight.
  7. Be Wise, Malaria’s Demise.
  8. Health Unleashed, Malaria Vanished.
  9. Malaria’s Cry, Health’s Reply.
  10. Snuff the Buzz, Malaria’s Woes Adieu.

Slogan On Malaria in English

  1. Turn the Tide, Malaria Can’t Hide.
  2. Chase Away Mosquitoes, Health Over Heroes.
  3. Guard the Night, Malaria Takes Flight.
  4. Malaria’s Daze, Health’s Amaze.
  5. Step Aside Malaria, Health’s On Fire.
  6. Lock the Gate, Malaria Can’t Infiltrate.
  7. Health’s the Hero, Malaria’s Zero.
  8. No Invitation for Malaria’s Visitation.
  9. Strike Malaria Off the List, Health’s the Twist.
  10. Malaria’s Out, Health’s About.

Slogan On Malaria in English

  1. Mosquitoes Mourn, Malaria’s Torn.
  2. Quash the Quiver, Malaria’s Deliver.
  3. No Room for Mosquito Boom, Malaria’s Doom.
  4. Kick the Bite, Bid Malaria Goodnight.
  5. Health’s Anthem, Malaria’s Phantom.
  6. Malaria’s Cry, Health’s Battlecry. – slogan n malaria in English
  7. Health’s Symphony, Malaria’s Epiphany.
  8. Rise Above Malaria, Embrace Health’s Valhalla.
  9. Health’s Parade, Malaria’s Charade.
  10. No Dance with Malaria, Only Health Criteria.

Slogan On Malaria in English

  1. Bite Back, Malaria’s On the Rack.
  2. Malaria’s Whispers, Health’s Roars.
  3. Strike a Pose, Malaria Overdose.
  4. No Malaria Trail, Only Health’s Sail.
  5. Be the Shield, Malaria Must Yield.
  6. No Malaria Saga, Just Health’s Gala. – slogan n malaria in English
  7. Buzz Away Malaria, Health’s Here to Stay.
  8. No Malaria Hurdle, Just Health’s Circle.
  9. Health’s Anthem, Malaria’s Phantom.
  10. Be the Torch, Malaria in the Scorch.

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