Some 57 Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives

Red the collection of some 57 Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives. List of most famous quotes and sayings about how to taunt someone to read and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, blog. Feel free to insult your fake friends and relatives with these provocative statements and messages. Browse our post to find the best taunt status for whatsapp, short taunt quotes and short taunt quotes to get some short jokes to insult your fake or ex boyfriend. Join our facebook page for More valuable posts.

57 Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives

“Sometimes I wished a smart man would actually have a baby in a new and work-saving way; then all people could accept it, and one of the oldest provocations in the world would be appeased forever.”

My relatives are like match stick always ready to flame.

Relatives are most toxic creatures on this planet.

Relatives are PHDs in Taunting and they are self certified doctors.

We send out these provocative states and messages to insult the one who has broken your heart and beliefs.

If you continue to deceive me, I will have no choice but to assume that you want it to be as rough and dirty as I can give it to him.

Don’t follow the path of flirting; for behold, the whole world will know of it, and women will abuse you.

Language cannot describe the scene that followed; shouting, cursing, frantic gestures, taunts, replies and petty quarrels; and so I won’t try to do it. – taunting quotes

Now I live in my corner teasing myself with the spiteful and useless consolation that an intelligent person cannot become something serious, but only a fool becomes something.

I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be all alone on this island for an eternity, provoking yourself with loneliness.

Ride free, love free, tend destruction with resentment, fuel the rest of life with an hour of fullness and freedom – a short hour of madness and joy.

`ʻI know this must come as something of a surprise, since all I did was despise you, humiliate you, and mock you, but I’ve loved you for hours now, and more every second. – taunting quotes

To attract death… means to confront an insidious enemy who cannot lose.

Similar game programs such as Weakest Link are based on taunting a defeated player.

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Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Family

Bad friends act nice when everything is going well but disappear when things get tough.

Some friends are like clouds; they disappear when it gets dark.

Fake friends are similar to weak WiFi; they appear to be strong but do not connect well.

Dear fake friends, thank you for revealing your true selves. I can see you clearly now that you are not wearing your fake mask.

Fake friends are like sweet pills that contain harmful substances.

Don’t trust friends who constantly shift their loyalties, like a compass pointing in different directions.

If fake friends were money, we’d be wealthy from their empty promises.

Fake friends, like fake art, appear deep but are not genuine.

Trust a mirror over a friend who pretends to care but disappears when you need them.

Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives

Fake friends, like broken crayons, are colorful but ineffective when you need genuine support.

Fake smiles, like fake money, look good but are not worth much.

Fake friends are like a malfunctioning GPS; they lead you nowhere.

Weeds in the friendship garden, such as fake friends, must be removed in order for genuine friendships to flourish.

Trust, like a mirror, is difficult to repair once broken, much like a friendship betrayed by false trust.

Not all feathers are real in the friendship flock – beware of fake ones.

Fake friends are like out-of-date software; they promise to upgrade but don’t actually help.

True friends are like stars, always present. Fake friendships are like passing clouds.

Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives

A genuine friend is a treasure, whereas a fake friend is like fool’s gold: shiny but worthless.

Fake friends are like bad GPS; they lead you astray and blame you for getting lost.

Real friends are like stars; they are always present, even when you cannot see them. Fake friends are like clouds passing by.

A true friend is valuable, whereas a fake friend is like fake gold: it is shiny but has little value.

Fake friends are like bad GPS: they steer you astray and blame you for getting lost.

Unlike fake friends, friendship is defined by who was there when times were tough, not how long you’ve known them.

Fake friends are like bad WiFi: they make you feel connected, but the signal is weak.

Fake friends are like old medicine: they may have helped in the past, but they are now only harmful.

Even a dictionary cannot explain some friends’ fake loyalty.

Taunting Quotes for Fake Friends and Relatives

If trust were money, fake friends would be the equivalent of fake currency in friendships.

Fake friends are like missing puzzle pieces; they are incomplete and do not fit properly.

A strong friendship cannot be built on lies; fake friends, take note.

Fake friends are like balloons: full of air, they burst when the going gets tough.

A fake friend is similar to a bad writer in that their story is predictable, and the friendship drama is unsatisfactory.

Fake friends are like sailors who leave during a storm, leaving you to navigate alone.

In the book of life, some people are just notes, while fake friends are like erased paragraphs.

If friendship were a race, fake friends would be eliminated for cheating.

Fake friends are like broken records, constantly repeating the same insincere tune

Taunting quotes for fake friends

“In the context of a first-person shooter or 1v1 game, “taunt” commands are essentially virtual representations of verbal provocation, which may include specially programmed sounds and gestures, or symbolic ritual insults that the player uses to demonstrate the realm.”

In “The Mystery of Monkey Island”, the protagonist recognizes the insults and retorts in a process called sword fighting insult.

Taunts can be performed from any vehicle created by the player, but other opponents can do the same.

They don’t respond to your texts, but you see them on Instagram.

They are ignoring you now, but they will require your assistance later.

You only saw some people five times a week, so they were only friends.

Some people were only friends because they shared a common interest. – taunting quotes

Five times a week, you saw them. 

You only saw some people five times a week, so they were only friends.

Fake friends only call me when they were in need, after that they are just like dew on leaves.

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Teasing sayings

“When we allow dirty players to be sanitized and called “intense rivals,” when we mistake classless gestures and ridicule for healthy enthusiasm, when we applaud the barbaric and tit-for-tat mentality of baseball-throwing players, we get what we deserve.”

In games without a dedicated “taunt” command, players have come up with other ways to use game controls to taunt or harass opponents with other skill levels.

In role-playing games, tanks often use “taunt” commands to draw the attention of AI opponents to the player character, saving other, more vulnerable characters from attack so they can take on special roles. – taunting quotes

A provocation is a battle cry, sarcastic remark, gesture, or insult intended to demoralize or anger the addressee and induce reactionary behavior without hesitation.

Otherwise, things like mocking appearance, intelligence, manners, education, background, past crimes, etc. can be offended.

This challenge seems especially absurd compared to several no-calls in which players seemed to taunt their opponents more than Mike Edwards did.

When you cry because people are making fun of you or making fun of you, be positive and promise yourself that you will prove them wrong.

When you hear bad news, cruel talk, threats, insults, and the like, trust that the Lord is among the people of the Lord and is doing glorious work.

What you don’t see is the cameras pointed in my face and the weird and intrusive questions I get asked, or people falling on themselves, screaming and taunting to react, people falling on themselves.

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