Beautiful 25 The Untethered Soul Quotes and Captions

In this post, I am going to talk about a few of my favorite quotes from the book, Untethered Soul, written by Michael A Singers. Todays post is all about spotlighting a few quotes from Untethered Soul, Singers book, The Untethered Soul – The Journey Beyond Self, as well as a few more of Singers amazing quotes. By reading through the quotes in Todays post, you can examine some of the biggest ideas in Singers book, backed up by the wisdom and insights from Michael Singer himself.

To conclude, Singers books will help not only to understand ones own life more fully, but to also examine deeper questions about the existence of humanity.

25 The Untethered Soul Quotes

The soul is untethered, and it cannot be bound by anything.

The soul is not a prisoner to the past or the future.

The soul is not held captive in the moment, but rather it is free to move through time and space without limits.

The soul is untethered from all things that would imprison it—including a body that may burden it with sickness or aging.

untethered soul quote and caption

Not all of us want to be bound by the chains of our pasts. We want to soar with untethered souls and see the world for what it truly is.

The Untethered soul quotes

I am not a prisoner of my body or my mind. I am a prisoner of my heart.

The soul is only one candle in a million, but it’s the brightest one.

If you can’t be kind, then be silent.

If you want to get to the top of the hill, you don’t start from the bottom. You start from the top and work your way down.

Unbound soul captions and sayings

A soul is like a parachute that opens as soon as you need it.

At its heart, The Untethered Soul is a thought-provoking, spiritual journey exploring how we can untether from the toxic voices within the mind, while seeking a happier, more balanced life filled with love and free from fear.

To give you a brief overview, Singers book teaches you to live in the present moment and disconnect yourself from thoughts, emotions, and physical pain.

The minute that you are not afraid of the pain, you can tackle all of life’s situations with no fear. Only then will you have fully experienced life, and released that part of you that is afraid to live.

The fear will go away as soon as you realize the only thing there is to gain from living is growth from experiencing it.

The Untethered soul quotes

Life is constantly changing, and if you are trying to control it, you can never fully experience it.

If you choose that from this point forward, for the rest of your life, you are going to be happier, not just happier, but you are going to become more aware.

If you are able to move beyond your own personal issues, you will discover that you do want your partner to be happy, to live a fulfilling, beautiful life.

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The Untethered Soul Quotes

If, even for one moment, you can look at someone with the eyes of true love, you will know those eyes are not yours.

The moment you stop pouring all of your heart and soul into your mind, as if it were your savior and protector, you will find yourself standing outside the mind watching.

The more willing you are to simply allow the world to be what it is that you are conscious of, the more it will allow you to become what you are — awareness, the Self, Atman, the Soul.

There is nothing more vital for real growth than realizing you are not the voice of reason – you are the one hearing it.

The Untethered Soul Quotes

From the you are the center of the universe quote, to the world that you create in your mind is the world that you live, these insights can help anyone looking to create a shift in their life for the better.

Instead, allow these insights to help you fully embrace each moment of your life, for each moment matters.

The truth is, much of life will unfold according to forces that are well beyond your control, no matter what your own mind says about it.

The Untethered soul quotes

After reading The Untethered Soul, my life improved as I stopped putting emotions into my thoughts, and realized that it was pointless to overanalyze the future, as the mind knows nothing of the future.

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