3 Population Essay in English in 150 and 200 Words

Population Essay in English in 150 Words

3 Population Essay in English in 150 and 200 Words

Here, we are presenting long and short 3 Population Essay in English for students under word limits of 150 Words, and 200 Words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches.

First Essay on Population in English 150 Words

Essay Title: Population: A Vital Aspect of Our World


The population is the total number of people living in a given area. It is an important aspect of our world, influencing many aspects of our daily lives.

Why is Population Important?

Population is important because it defines the size of a community or country. A larger population means more people, whereas a smaller population means fewer people. This determines how much space, food, and resources are required.

Population Growth:

Sometimes the number of people in a place grows. This is known as population growth. It occurs when there are more births than deaths. Understanding and managing population growth is critical to ensuring that everyone has what they need.

The Challenges of Overpopulation:

When there are too many people in one area, it can cause issues such as a lack of jobs, schools, and healthcare. Overpopulation can deplete resources and make life difficult for everyone.

Taking Care Of Our Population:

It is critical that communities and countries plan for their populations. This includes ensuring that there are enough schools, hospitals, and jobs for all. It also entails preserving the environment in order to sustain us all.


In conclusion, population is an important aspect of our world. Balancing it correctly ensures that everyone can live happily with adequate resources and opportunities.

Second Essay on Population in English 150 Words

Essay Title: Population Control: Keeping Earth in Balance


Population control is critical to ensuring that there are not too many people on Earth. It aids in balancing resources and ensuring that everyone has enough to live a decent life.

Reasons For Population Control:

Limitation: Earth has limited resources, such as water, food, and space. If there are too many people, these resources may deplete.

Overcrowding: Too many people can create overcrowded cities, making it difficult for everyone to live a fulfilling life.

Environmental Impact: As the population grows, pollution and environmental damage increase. Population control contributes to environmental protection.

Methods for Population Control:

Education: Teaching people about family planning allows them to make more informed decisions about having children.

Access to Healthcare: Ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare, including contraception, helps to control the population.


Population control is similar to caring for a large family: it ensures that everyone has what they need while also keeping our planet healthy.

Third Essay on Population in English 150 Words


Population and nature have a close relationship. Nature provides us with air, water, food, and shelter. However, too many people can put a strain on the environment.

Population Growth:

The world’s population is steadily increasing. More people require more resources, such as land and water. This can lead to deforestation, which is when trees are cut down, affecting animals and plants.

Impact on Animals:

As the population grows, animals lose their habitats. Some animals may disappear forever. It is critical to protect their habitats while also maintaining natural balance.

Air and Water Pollution:

More people equals more automobiles, factories, and waste. This can result in air and water pollution. Pollution endangers animals, plants, and even humans. Clean air and water are essential for a healthy lifestyle.


We must learn to use resources wisely and protect the environment. Simple ways to help include planting trees, reducing plastic use, and conserving water.


The balance between population and nature is critical. We can all have a better future if we take responsibility and care of our planet.

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