60 Annoying Friend Quotes and Captions: For the Loved Ones

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60 Annoying Friend Quotes and Captions

“I’m not ignoring you; I’m just using selective hearing to filter out the irritating bits.”

  1. Hello there, You talk so much that my pet parrot thinks you’re annoying!
  2. If annoying was a sport, you’d be the clear winner!
  3. Do you look like a mosquito? Because you’re constantly buzzing around me!
  4. In real life, I need a’mute’ button for you.
  5. You’re like a human alarm clock, only much more annoying.
  6. I’m sure even a dictionary can’t describe how annoying you are!
  7. I’d be a billionaire by now if I had a penny for every time you irritated me.
  8. You’re so annoying that even Siri wouldn’t want to talk with you.
  9. You’d be a rockstar if irritation were music.

Annoying Friend Quotes

Words for Irritating Friends 

“I wish I could agree with you, but that would just make us both wrong, and that would irritate me.”

  1. I thought I had a superpower, but it turned out to be the ability to tolerate you.
  2. You are the reason that the term ‘unfriend’ exists on social media.
  3. Do you have a degree in annoying people, or is it a natural talent?
  4. I don’t need an alarm clock; your voice will wake up the entire neighborhood.
  5. You’re like a human echo, repeating everything I say but at a higher volume.
  6. I need a vacation from annoyance island to get away from you.
  7. You must be a magician because happiness appears magically every time you leave.
  8. I’d be a millionaire by recess if I had a dollar for every eye roll you caused.
  9. You’re like a puzzle with missing pieces – irritatingly unfinished.

Words for Irritating Friends

“You’re interfering with my life’s regularly scheduled programming, like an endless commercial break.”

  1. I’m not saying you’re annoying, but if annoying were a subject, you’d be first in your class.
  2. Are you a foreigner? Because your level of annoyance is unrivaled.
  3. I’d love to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong, which would be doubly annoying.
  4. You’d win gold every time if there was an Olympic sport for annoyance.
  5. You are the inspiration for the mute button on the TV remote.
  6. Do you have a sibling? Because just the two of you are more than enough.
  7. I’m not upset with you; I’m just allergic to your level of irritation.
  8. You should be recognized as the most consistently annoying person I know.
  9. I need a mental break from your constant overload of irritation.

Annoying Friend Quotes and Captions

“You are like a GPS, only instead of directing me, you are a never-ending source of discomfort.”

  1. You’re like a broken record, repeating the same irritating tune over and over.
  2. I’m not ignoring you; I’m just taking a break for my sanity.
  3. If you had a volume control, I’d turn it way, way down.
  4. Have you got a map? Because I keep getting lost in your annoyance’s maze.
  5. You’re so annoying that even a scarecrow would flee from you.
  6. I’d plant you in my garden so you could annoy the plants instead.
  7. Like a mosquito in a room without windows, you are unable to flee.
  8. I need a ‘do not disturb’ sign, but mine is for you.
  9. If patience were a valuable asset, you would be the cause of its scarcity.

Annoying Friend Quotes and Captions

“You constantly make expressions that suggest, “I’m here to annoy,” like you’re a human emoji.”

  1. Until I met you, I believed that I could tolerate a great deal of annoyance.
  2. You would be an indisputable bouquet of flowers if frustration were a scent.
  3. You constantly bring needless drama, like a living exclamation point!
  4. You’re doing a fantastic job on your own; I don’t need an enemy to have you around.
  5. You’d be patient zero if annoyance were a disease.
  6. I need an ear filter made especially to block out your irritating voice.
  7. Your jokes are the remedy for insomnia if it’s true that the best medicine is laughter.
  8. You have to be a ninja because you silently get on my nerves.
  9. I need a pause button for you, for when you get really bothersome.

Annoying Friend Quotes and Captions

“Though even a broken clock is right twice a day, and you manage to be annoying all day, I’m not saying you’re annoying!”

  1. You’re as annoying and useless as a broken pencil.
  2. Should annoying be an Olympic sport, you would win a gold medal in the Annoympics.
  3. You’d fail miserably if patience were a subject.
  4. You remind me of a TV show that I never paid to watch, but it keeps coming on.
  5. An ‘unsubscribe’ button would be very helpful in regards to your annoyingly frequent updates.
  6. I’m not sure if you’re a friend or an annoying stand-up comedian.
  7. I’m just trying to get some quiet time in my life; I’m not ignoring you.
  8. You are the source of the invention of “earplugs” and “headphones.” – annoying friend quotes
  9. You would have become a billionaire by now if irritation were a currency.

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