38 Arijit Singh Quotes and Words: From the Kind Heart

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38 Arijit Singh Quotes and Words

“I write songs. I do compose the music for the Bengali songs I write. But I’ve never considered writing music for a film. That is an entirely different art form.”

  1. Find your own rhythm in life’s symphony and dance to it joyfully.
  2. When I reach my saturation point, I go to some random location and throw away my phone.
  3. Apart from work, I complete any outstanding tasks in Murshidabad.
  4. I enjoy composing, but only for myself. I write my own lyrics and create music to accompany them.
  5. One of my greatest ambitions is to sing for a documentary that benefits the underprivileged.
  6. My favorite song is ‘Aayat’ from the film ‘Bajirao Mastani.’
  7. May your life be a soundtrack of joy, love, and unforgettable moments.

Arijit Singh Quotes

Arijit Singh’s Words 

“I’m not very good in front of the camera. However, if someone offered me a small part in a film with two lines of dialogue and one scene, I’d take it.”

  1. I always wanted to be a music producer, and here I am, and I’m happy about it.
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a singer and a musician.
  3. Music is like a friend who speaks directly to your heart, and I enjoy being the messenger.
  4. When I sing, I want to transport my audience on a magical emotional journey.
  5. Every moment is a note waiting to be sung in life’s beautiful song.
  6. I’ve always preferred to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Arijit Singh’s Words

“That was how I used to live my life. However, the rise of social media has had an impact on me. Now I’m always being noticed.”

  1. Every song tells a story, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to tell those stories through my music.
  2. My songs, like a rainbow, reflect the various emotions that people experience in life.
  3. Dream big, sing loudly, and let the music lead you.
  4. Every song I write is an expression of my soul, a gift to the world.
  5. Being on stage is like flying; it gives you a sense of freedom that words cannot express.
  6. Love is the most beautiful song, and I try to sing it in a variety of ways in my music.
  7. When words fail, music speaks, and it is this magic that I strive to create in my songs.

Arijit Singh Quotes and Words

“I’m still without a car. I continue to use public transportation. I travel by car to and from recording locations.”

  1. Follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to let your heart lead the way.
  2. The best songs are born from the deepest emotions; let your heart guide you.
  3. Accept the silence between the notes; it is where the most beautiful feelings can be found.
  4. Allow your creativity to flow indefinitely, like a never-ending river. Arijit Singh quotes
  5. Every song has its own heartbeat, and I strive to make mine resonate with my listeners’ hearts.
  6. Music is a universal language; let your song be a message of love and unity.
  7. Be true to yourself, and your music will reflect your soul’s authenticity.

Arijit Singh Quotes and Words

“When I first entered the music industry, many big-ticket singers were not getting good work… It was a lean period.”

  1. Sing with your heart, not just your voice; that’s when the real magic happens.
  2. Life is a symphony, and we are all composers; write a piece that reflects your true self.
  3. Find inspiration in the simplest of moments, as they frequently contain the most profound tunes.
  4. Let your melodies be a lullaby for the world’s weary soul in the silence of the night.
  5. Let your music reflect the beauty of life, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun.
  6. Sing for the joy of sharing the gift of music, not for fame or acclaim. – Arijit Singh quotes

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