Swami Mukundananda Quotes

Swami Mukundananda Motivational Quotes

Jai Shree Krishna. Swami Mukundananda is a global spiritual leader and best selling author of book Mind Management. In This article you will find some of the best 20 quotes of swami Mukundananda ji. Please stay tuned.

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Quotes on success

Quotes often plays important roles in our lives. Many greatest people claim that they often use to read quotes on regular basis.

Many Successful people who were in the bad time or struggling time they were use to read quotes for self motivation and inspiration.

#1 The Sequence for success is that ‘being‘ must precede ‘doing‘. We must be genuinely good before we can truly do something worthwhile.

#2 Nobody is born a success or a failure. The Keys to success are discipline and regular effort

#3 Every single moment of human life is precious and should be put to good use.

Swami Mukundananda Quotes

#4 Where we go from here will depend upon the choices we make today.

#5 A good policy is to take the predictions of Astrologers with a Pinch Of Salt and Focus on our Efforts.

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#6 Be more careful about the beliefs you hold in your head than the food you put in your mouth.

#7 Circumstances come in our life for a purpose, and they remain until the purpose is served.

#8 The pain from the hardship is temporary, while the growth that comes with facing it and solving it is permanent.

#9 The best attitude of charity is to give without even being asked to do so.

#10 It is more enjoyable to be ourselves than to pretend to be someone else.

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Swami Mukundananda thoughts on life

Life is not easy for anyone, not for you, not for me and not for you. But we have to fight from the odds and we have to fight for our future.

Always remember before quitting, why you have started. I have an offer for you if you do writing or you don’t have any platform then you can write me your creation and I will help you to publish.

#11 In the illusion that we are the body, we fear the experience of death.

#12 Success can never satisfy a person it does not bestow peace of mind.

#13 Detachment from results frees us from stress, anxiety, tension and fear.

#14 When we live on this planet, we are responsible for maintaining it.

#15 The best time to overcome bad habits is before they are established.

Swami Mukundananda Quotes

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#16 If we wish to lead an inspired life, we must learn to develop the quality of inner motivation.

#17 If we wish to draw more favorable circumstances in our life, let’s begin by improving our thoughts.

#18 People who succeed in the game of life are those who take responsibility for their life.

#19 When a problem arises, we must acknowledge that it exists, and then devise a game plan for overcoming it.

#20 Love is the biggest force in life, and where there is love, the possible easily becomes possible. That is the power of love.

Swami Mukundananda quotes

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Always remember that we are here for a purpose and our ultimate purpose is to attain the nirvana. Nirvana can only attained by good deeds.

Follow your heart, do good deeds, respect everyone, work for yourself and our country’s growth. One day all your sacrifice will count.

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