33 Balakumaran Quotes in English: The Wisdom of A Writer

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33 Balakumaran Quotes in English

“Who is the enemy? Who is my friend? This is the illusion of time. Time is the enemy. Time is a friend. Time is the guru. Time is God.”

  1. It is a great boon to have food when you are hungry
  2. Whatever is high will fall, and whatever is low will rise
  3. In the name of Buddha, in the name of peace, a group in the name of love
  4. God is not knowledge. It was an experience. It is not illiteracy. Knowledge. It’s not about knowing. It’s not about asking. It’s being felt.
  5. Life is more important than rituals. Love is more important than anushtana.
  6. True love is more important than false caste pride.

Balakumaran Quotes and Captions

Balakumaran’s Words 

“These qualities were natural to the unborn child as well. Because the seed was strong, the tree stirred up greatly.”

  1. This is the cycle of life and whenever it is violated, the problem will come.
  2. It is the duty of men to support women.
  3. Dreams are like stars in the sky of our imagination, guiding us to our own adventures.
  4. A fool is not someone who does not respect you. He does not respect his own power.
  5. No matter what attachment you make, it has no meaning.

Balakumaran’s Words

“It is the duty of women to minister to the men who support her and to make him do things.”

  1. In every story, there is a hero within us waiting to be discovered.
  2. Words are like magical spells; use them wisely to create a magical world.
  3. Friends are the vibrant threads that bind our memories together.
  4. Nature’s secrets are revealed to those who take the time to listen.
  5. Every problem has a solution; we just need to look at it from a different perspective.

Balakumaran Quotes in English

“Books are like treasure chests, waiting to be opened to reveal the treasures of the imagination.”

  1. Courage is the triumph over fear, not its absence.
  2. Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination. Take in the little things along the way.
  3. The more you learn, the more wisdom grows in your mind’s garden.
  4. Patience is a superpower that can overcome even the most difficult challenges.
  5. Rainbows appear after rain, and joy appears after adversity.
  6. Smiles are contagious; spread them around like sunshine.

Balakumaran Quotes in English

“Kindness is a language that even the most inexperienced hearts can grasp.”

  1. Imagination is the key that unlocks a world of limitless possibilities.
  2. A single small act of kindness can cause happiness ripples. – Balakumaran quotes in English
  3. Believe in yourself because you are capable of amazing things.
  4. Mistakes are stepping stones to success; learn from them and move on.
  5. The best adventures are frequently the result of a curious mind and a brave heart.
  6. Family is a treasure chest of love that is constantly available to be opened.

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