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72 Angel and Devil Quotes and Captions 

“The dialogue between the good angel and the evil angel continues, with the good angel representing Faust’s thoughts, while Faust reflects on the sin of atonement.”

Sometimes I wondered if life wouldn’t be so much more fun if we were all devils and not nonsense about angels and good deeds.

I’m not good and not bad, not an angel and not a devil, I’m a man, I’m a vampire.

I admit that I am not an angel, I admit that I am not a saint – I am selfish, cruel and blind.

Be the devil’s bad angel, but God may have mercy on me – yes, God will have mercy on me if I repent.

Even in the solitude, the angel’s presence is palpable.

Seek the warmth of the angel’s embrace above the frigid touch of the devil.

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Angels adorn the sky with their dreams, while devils throw terrifying shadows.

Whenever science makes a discovery, the devil grabs it while the angels argue over how best to use it.

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Angel and Devil Quotes and Status

“The good angel tries to get Faust to avoid the book of devils and only read Scripture, while the bad angel explains why going to evil would benefit Faust.”

Angels illuminate our path, while devils hide in the shadows.
Every heart contains an angel and a devil who dance to decide our fate.
Angels whisper optimism; devils hiss doubt.
Choose the angel’s song; it leads to harmony.
Devils may seduce, but angels lead us to redemption.
Allow your inner angel to triumph in the battle of choices.
Listen to the angel’s advice; it speaks the language of kindness.
Angels expose the truth, whereas devils disguise themselves.

Angel and Devil Quotes and Status

Let the angel’s wings elevate you beyond demonic temptations.

Angels spread seeds of love, while devils sow seeds of strife.
The angel’s light can be discovered even in the darkest places.
The devil may test us, but angels bolster our determination.
Angels bring smiles, while devils cause frowns.
Walking the angel’s way will lead you to tranquility.
Devils may deceive, but angels provide clarity to the soul.
Let the angel’s melody reign supreme in life’s symphony.
Angels teach us to forgive, whilst devils encourage resentment.

Angel and Devil Quotes and Status

“In the show’s final act, the good and bad angels represent and express Faust’s regrets and reflections as he nears his final curse in hell.”

Even in a storm, the angel’s light leads us to safety.
Devils may whisper, but angels shout words of bravery.
Choose the angel’s feather and let it fill your heart with joy.
Allow the angelic flowers to flourish in the garden of life.
Devils may produce shadows, but angels illuminate the path ahead.
Listen to the angel’s heartbeat, which rings with compassion.
Angels heal injured wings, while devils attempt to clip them.

Angel and Devil Quotes and Status

“When the good angel reminds Faust of the joy he lost by giving up God, both the good and the bad angels ask Faust how wealth, fame, and power will help him now. “

Devils cause disorder, whilst angels bring order to the soul.
Follow the angels’ footprints, not the devil’s claw marks.
Angels enjoy emotional victories, whilst devils wallow in defeats.
Let the angel’s halo shine more brightly than the devil’s fires.
In the realm of options, take the route marked by the angel’s tears.
Angels guide us through storms and protect us from demonic winds.
The devil may seduce, but angels empower us to resist.
Accept the angel within, and let the devil fade into the background.

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“Whoever does not see angels and devils in the good and evil of life will be far away from knowledge, and his spirit will be deprived of attachment.”

You can only act decisively if you are convinced that all the angels are on one side and all the devils are on the other.

Thus, both the Devil and the Angelic Spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice.

Man? His power of choice allows him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave.

As in man there is a lot of the beast and a little of the devil, so there is both an angel and God in him. – Best Angel And Devil Quotes

There is a saying that according to the mindset of a person, even an angel can seem to him with the face of a devil.

If there is no inexperienced among a refined man, he is but one of the devil’s angels.

If a person cannot become an angel, it depends on whether he can become a devil.

The devil is just a fallen angel, and when God lost the devil, he lost one of his best assistants.

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Sayings and Thoughts for Angels and Devils

“However, the majority hold the view that the devil was also an angel, and that, having become an apostate, he caused as many angels as possible to go with him, and they are called his angels to this day.”

It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them.

The angel wants to know the face of the devil, “he thought more about himself than about me.”

Someone later told me that I looked like an angel… but to me it was like the same devil.

When I’m alive and in love with the devil, I don’t pretend to be an angel in white. – Best Angel And Devil Quotes

If Reed’s image hadn’t left my sinful heart, I might have slept like an angel but dreamed like a devil.

If my demons leave me, I’m afraid my angels will also run away. Say good morning to the angel and love her like the devil when you get home. – Best Angel And Devil Quotes

Angel, saint, spawn of the devil, good or bad, you nailed me to the wall and branded me with yours until the day I die.

You know that the purity and speed of your body can be envied by angels, and his courage scares away even devils.

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Good and Bad Spirit Quotes 

“If a man’s patience is stronger than his whims and desires, then he is like an angel, if his whims and desires are stronger than his patience, then he is like a devil.”

If you were brutally destroyed, but still have the courage to be kind to other living beings, then you are a tough asshole with an angelic heart.

When you are in trouble, you need to ask God and the angels to help you and try to call on your holy spirit.

If the ghost is an angel, we must embrace him; if he is a devil, then we must cast him out.

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Never Ask Angles or God to help or save in you in bad time, Ask strength to fight that bad time.

Angels and Devils lives in our mind from the day one till the last one.

Devils are angles who were tortured by the society. – Best Angel And Devil Quotes

I am an Angel and Devil in my own, It depends on your behavior that what you will goanna see.

I am cool as Angel and Hot as a devil.

I met with an Angel in my dreams and she told me to turn a devil.

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