70 Most Irritating Quotes for Friends to Share

Collection of 70 Most Irritating Quotes for Friends of your some irritating loved ones. Read these 40 plus quotes here and feel free to share with your irritating ones.

70 Irritating Quotes for Friends

“A remix can be beneficial in some cases because it reaches a new generation. However, when it becomes excessive, it becomes irritating. In addition, the original composer must be properly credited.”

People [are] a source of entertainment to the same extent that they a source of irritation.

I can’t stand other people with their stench, noise and annoying melodies.

When we are with other people and they don’t say anything, the situation becomes annoying, tense, unbearable.

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There is always a secret irritation from laughter that we cannot join.

If you don’t say something in an annoying way, you might as well not say it at all, because people won’t care about something that doesn’t bother them.

We try not to be demanding of others, but rather to pass over in silence those thousands of small annoyances that usually annoy us.

Everything that irritates us in others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Recognize that everyone has the right to be who they want to be, even if you get upset about it.

The person who always annoys you is the one who loves you very much but cannot express it.

The writer must have a place where he feels it, a place where he can love and be annoyed.

There is no person more annoying than someone who tries to resolve a discussion about communism, justice or freedom by quoting a dictionary.

Giving advice to other people is one of the most annoying and useless activities known to man.

It’s amazing how constant repetition can make even the most obvious truths annoying enough to disagree with.

What a pain it must be for people to be constantly bombarded with my presence!

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Most Irritating Quotes and Status

“Misfortune, and especially the misfortune narrated, can continue to such an extent that misfortune ceases to cause pity and causes only irritation.”

Some people’s voices are like nails on a chalkboard.
You’re the reason I have headaches.
Your attitude is more irritating than a buzzing mosquito.
If annoying was a sport, you’d be a gold medalist.
I’d rather listen to a crying baby than hear you talk.
Spending time with you is like enduring a never-ending commercial.
You’re the human version of a slow internet connection.

Most Irritating Quotes and Status

“The simplest case of being told that the cat is black because the cat is black can be harmless, albeit annoying and useless; but real cases [in the claims of evolutionary theory] are always more difficult to detect than the simpler case, and may hide advice for a long time.”

I’m allergic to your presence.
Your personality is a mood killer.
I need a mute button for you.
You’re the missing piece in the puzzle of irritation.
Conversations with you are like a bad rerun – predictable and irritating.
You’re the reason I believe in the power of silence.
If annoyance were music, you’d be a symphony.
I’d rather do my taxes than engage in small talk with you.

Most Irritating Quotes and Status

“I adore singing, and it’s something I’m known for. It’s now become something I’m known for, such as having fights with my mother or complaining about my boyfriend, and it’s starting to irritate me.”

You have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies.
You make Mondays feel like a vacation.
I’d rather step on a Lego than deal with you.
Your presence is a reminder that patience is overrated.
I’d rather be stuck in an elevator with a clown than spend time with you.
If irritation were a currency, you’d be a billionaire.
Talking to you is like watching paint dry, but less entertaining.

Most Irritating Quotes and Status

“For the want tobe eco-warrior, there are a number of vexing aspects of large supermarkets, but the one that gets most of us hot under the collar is packaging.”

I’d rather clean a public restroom than engage in a conversation with you.
If irritation were an Olympic sport, you’d take home the gold.
You’re the master of awkward silences.
Your jokes are so bad, they make dad jokes look good.
You’re the reason I believe in the healing power of headphones.
I’d rather have a root canal than be your roommate.
You’re the living embodiment of a dull PowerPoint presentation.

Most Irritating Quotes and Status

“I have a youthful appearance. This was something I’d heard so many times that it irritated me. I once babysat for a woman who told me the first time we met that she didn’t want anyone in high school.”

If annoyance were a fragrance, you’d be a bestseller.
Being around you is like watching paint peel.
I’d rather watch grass grow than engage in small talk with you.
You’re the reason I appreciate the beauty of solitude.
You’re like a human alarm clock that never stops ringing.
If irritation were calories, I’d be obese from dealing with you.
Spending time with you is like a never-ending meeting that could have been an email.

Most Irritating Quotes

“It was grating to have one’s physical flaws pointed out so bluntly twice in one evening, once by a lovely girl and once by a dying badger.”

Intelligence is usually enticing until it becomes irritating, in my opinion. You’re stuck after that.

I was 22 years old at the time. Later, I realised that being female and appearing ‘young’ in certain places made it more difficult to be taken seriously, so I turned to make-up.

You’re the human version of a traffic jam.

You’re the reason I have trust issues.

You make elevator music sound exciting.

No matter how good the theory is, one annoying fact can nullify the entire formulation, so it must be proven.

Being around you is as enjoyable as a root canal.

You cannot see the wound, you cannot find it with your fingers, but you keep touching it because it is annoying.

Now singing has become something I’m famous for, like fighting with my mom or over my boyfriend, so it’s starting to get annoying.

All these rappers, Lil, it just makes me a little mad.

When Tommy goes to see live music, I usually really want to hear it, so when people get up and dance, it’s very annoying.

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Annoying Person Quotes and Captions

“I don’t have much patience with people who are aware of the process of eating, and it annoys me when someone denies themselves the pleasure of a bloody piece of steak or spicy French cheese because of some outdated nonsense about what is appropriate or attractive.”

Yes, I’m angry, and most people annoy me. But IF people weren’t so energetic, self-centered and dull, just stupid, I wouldn’t be so bitchy all the time.


I remember when I was in college I really annoyed a girl I dated because they asked me what I was thinking about and I said I didn’t think about anything.

It was just annoying because someone might meet you and before they have a chance to get to know you they will find someone else’s story about who I am.

most irritating quotes

Anyone who claims that the fact that the public recognizes them and relates to the work they do is annoying should take up a different line of work.

Theatrical performances can be annoying, but they provide a better evening than cell phone vendors.

The institution will annoy you – pull your beard, shake your face – make you fight.

Annoying People Quotes and Status

“Don’t let others see your (very natural and habitual) feelings of momentary annoyance and discomfort, don’t let (as you have done and do so often) every little feeling read on your face and perceived in its own way.”

Mother, when your children are irritable, do not multiply them with reproaches and guilt, but correct their irritability with kindness and cheerfulness.

Few things are more annoying than when someone who is wrong is also very effective in defending their point of view.

Feeling annoyed or angry at colleagues is one of the most common symptoms of stress.

However, creators can sometimes be boring, annoying, irritable, selfish, angry, or depressed.

Plants cannot defend themselves well with their behavior, so they resort to chemical weapons and plants are saturated with toxins and irritants to discourage creatures like us from eating them.

most irritating quotes

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