31 Dark Side Quotes from Star Wars

We hope you enjoyed the quotes from these famous people from The Dark Side. Here you will also find a collection of Dark Side quotes to help you understand why some people go down the dark path. If you are a fan of Darth Sidious, you will love this list of some of his most evil captions. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you might be wondering what might have happened if Anakin Skywalker hadn’t succumbed to the tantalizing shiny things offered by Darkforce’s Darth Sidious.

Dark Side Quotes and Captions

“In my life I’ve always hovered on the edge of the dark side and said what would happen if I went too far and who said you should stop there and what’s next door.”

If you don’t see the dark side of it, you don’t see the glory of life. When you can’t see the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.

If your head also explodes with a dark premonition, I will see you on the dark side of the moon.

If one day you enter the dark path, it will forever dominate your destiny.

If you let the darkness hold on even a little, you may be dragged down a path of self-destruction.

Television embodies our fear of the dark, of the night, of the other side of things.

Thinking about dark and unpleasant things, wondering when they will come to visit you, turns out to be the best way to call them to your side.

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I saw some wonderful, beautiful and invigorating parts of America, but I also saw some dark parts of America, the ugly side of America, the side of America that rarely comes into the light.

Living by grace means acknowledging the whole story of my life, the bright side and the dark side.

The presence of Christ by my side is my protection from my fears of the dark and the unknown.

The tragic story of Darth Vader, where a brave Jedi turned evil, proves that even the good people of this world, when placed in compromised circumstances in the name of love, can make bad decisions.

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Dark Truth Quotes

“A Jedi who was prophesied to restore balance to the Force, a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker was lured to the dark side of the Force by Emperor Palpatine (Sith Lord Darth Sidious).”

Maybe another evil knight will throw darkness into the galaxy, and Anakin Skywalker’s family situation will be different.

In Return of the Jedi, the Emperor realizes that Darth Vader intends to continue his search for Luke Skywalker in an attempt to bring Luke to the dark side.

The sequel trilogy hints that the villain will return to the dark side and be battered from the start.

Black magic is what drives people to the dark side: their own greed or insecurities cause them to do destructive things.

The pessimist sees only the dark side of clouds and sobs; the philosopher sees both sides and shrugs his shoulders; the optimist does not see the clouds at all – he walks on them.

dark side quotes

Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord and led the Empire’s destruction of the Jedi Order.

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Star wars saying

“The older also warns Luke not to underestimate Darth Vader’s immense power, because once Luke is drawn to his spell and faces the temptation to join the dark side, he won’t be able to save himself and continue on the right path. On his deathbed in Return of the Jedi, Yoda feared that Luke would succumb to the temptation of the dark side.”

Darth Vader was once a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, a kind-hearted knight and hero of the Clone Wars before becoming a devotee of the dark side.

A Jedi named Anakin Skywalker was severely wounded and burned on the banks of a lava river, filled with rage and hatred.

When he began fantasizing about Senator Padmé Amidala dying in childbirth, Anakin managed to avoid that fate. Ultimately, Luke’s father decided to cut off Mace Windu’s arm to save Darth Sidious, sending Sidious out of the window, completing Anakin’s path to the dark side of the Force.

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When Luke’s father came to Yoda out of fear of losing Padmé, Yoda told him that this fear would lead well-meaning Force users to the dark side if their feelings got out of hand.

That’s exactly what happened to the protagonist when Luke’s father told Palpatine that he was afraid of losing Padmé, and Palpatine promised to teach him how to save Padmé if he turned to the dark side.

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Dark Side Quotes

“Anakin fought with aggressive fury, ignoring pleas for restoration from his former master and friends. Meanwhile, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine revealed that he was Sith Lord Darth Sidious and would train a Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker.”

This world has two sides one is dark and second is too dark.

People often hide their dark side in idiotic way that they cannot properly hide that.

If you want to see someone’s dark side just hurt their ego for a while.

dark side quotes

It’s easy to say you are a good guy but somewhere there is dark boy lives in you.

I am sure you are not the bad guy but not good guy either.

Lie and truth is just side of coin and coin flips on fate.

You are good because you got everything easy and I am bad because I loose so easily.

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