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28 Daydreaming quotes

Daydreaming allows you to imagine scenarios in which you will magically save the day.

Daydreaming is fine, and even better if you get some lasting memories from it.

It is always a pleasure to daydream, but if it becomes compulsive, it could cause harm.

People refer to this as a dream cleanse, which takes care of this mess in your head.

I often daydream, and that is because I always liked the idea of something bigger than the ordinary world.

I dream of things that I would like to happen, but none of them are any more complex, in most cases, than simply genuinely hoping the best, best-written parts are what show up at my door.

Daydreaming quotes

If you are not daydreaming, and sort of planning things out in your mind, you will never get there, so you need to start somewhere.

daydreaming quotes and caption

Almost all of my daydreams are of things that have not happened yet, that never will.

Sometimes the worst that could ever happen is, Oh, I am playing the song on the stage, you are daydreaming about something else, you are in autopilot.

You could do a vision board for all of your goals that you want to achieve in life, and have pictures on them, which is wonderful, and dreaming is great, but you will never plan out your future.

Dream captions and sayings

You can read, enjoy and share dreamy quotes and sayings with your friends and family. Discover and share the best dream quotes, dream your own quotes and store your dream quotes with us. Explore our collection of the best quotes and sayings about dreams.

These dream captions are fun to share with friends who love building castles in the air and daydreaming all the time. Inspirational dream quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Reverie allows you to reenact scenarios in which you miraculously save the day.

Daydreaming is good, even better if you can leave an indelible memory of him.

Dreaming is always fun, but it can be harmful if you become obsessive.

Emergence can sometimes be difficult if you start daydreaming about your next vacation, your next dream, or your next bacon.

Almost all dreams are connected with what has never been and never will be.

I often daydream because I have always liked the idea that there is more to the ordinary world.

Daydreaming quotes

I dream about what I want to happen, but nothing is more difficult, more often than not, than really hoping that the good and well-written parts are the ones that show up at my door.

Even when I was so successful on television, I dreamed in my dressing room that one day I would do it.

If you don’t dream and somehow plan something in your imagination, you will never get there, so you have to start somewhere.

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Daydreaming quotes and captions

You can make a chalkboard for any number of goals in your life with pictures on it, which is great, dreaming is great, but you can never plan for your future.

We must not only encourage children to dream, but also to come and build those dreams.

The average daydream lasts about fourteen seconds, and we have about two thousand of them a day.

When you dream, you can create new connections and links between your conscious mind and subconscious ideas, which can help you solve a problem that you have been thinking about for a long time.

Daydreaming quotes

Auden beautifully describes the waking dream as a meal made up of images.

We need to encourage kids to not just dream, but jump-start those dreams.

All of the great strides made by the human race are rooted in daydreaming.

Daydreaming is a key source for poetry, the poem usually begins as a daydream which finds its way into the language, while ambulation seems to entail another sort of vigilance, a sort of associational thought, a state of wandering in the mind.

You may make new connections between conscious and unconscious thoughts while you are daydreaming, and this may help with an issue that has been on your mind for a while.

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