70 Gold Digger Quotes and Status: Love Me not Wealth

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70 Gold Digger Quotes and Status

“So many guys try to show off to a girl by showing off their financial assets, showing off their money, etc., but a girl who is making money and building her empire is not impressed.”

Not because men like beautiful cars, but because they know that women like beautiful cars.

Women love comfortable surroundings, so men find comfortable surroundings.

I’m all about love, not loot.

Men and women would call her a gold digger, joking that she was heartless.

How can Carter last so long without a girl to marry you? We are equipped with a built-in gold digger siren.

Gold diggers are the enemy of honest workers, regardless of checks and compensation.

gold diggers quotes for Insulting

These cheeky quotes are for dear women who are not ashamed to stand with someone who doesn’t like it and go to hell.

I value love, not luxury.

She just put love on a special plane, where a person without money and appearance could not move.

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Gold Digger Quotes and Status

“Ernestine used to remark with a hint of envy that Lill was probably the youngest gold digger in New Jersey and that few adult gold diggers ever got more for less.”

Love me for who I am, not what I have.
Heart over wealth, always.
I want a partner, not a paycheck.
True love is richer than any bank account.
I’m searching for a heart, not a wallet.
Gold doesn’t make a relationship glitter.
Dig for love, not for gold.

Gold Digger Quotes and Status

“They’re everywhere you look. They’re in the buildings, they’re on the street, they’re in your mind, and they’re in your heart.”

I’m after a heart of gold, not a wallet of cash.
I’m not counting money; I’m counting moments.
Diamonds can’t replace genuine smiles.
My heart isn’t for sale; it’s for sharing.
I’m building memories, not mansions.
Cherish me, not my assets.
Love is the real treasure, not possessions.

Gold Digger Quotes and Status

“The thought of losing her and never seeing her smile or hearing her sing cracked Wayne more than any gold digger could pay off his bank account.”

I’m into hearts, not high-end labels.
A rich heart is worth more than a full bank account.
I’m digging for a connection, not a fortune.
I want a love story, not a bank statement.
No gold rush; just a heart hunt.
I’m seeking a soulmate, not a bankroll.
Heartbeats matter more than balance sheets.

Gold Digger Quotes and Status

“Songs often speak about the materialistic things that are valued most in society: mansions, cars, jewels, you name it.”

I’m rich in love, not in possessions.
Value my love, not my assets.
Love is my currency, not cash.
A loving heart is my jackpot.
I’m looking for love, not a lavish lifestyle.
Affection is my treasure, not affluence.
In love, the heart is the real gold.

Gold Diggers Quotes and Status

“When you define yourself only by your money and material things, you are more likely to attract some gold diggers.”

I’m after a connection, not a collection of things.
My heart isn’t for sale, but it’s open.
Love is the real gem in my life.
I’m rich in emotions, not in possessions.
True wealth is found in love, not in banks.
I’m into heart-to-heart talks, not wallet-to-wallet comparisons.
I’m mining for love nuggets, not gold bars.

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Mean Girls Quotes and Sayings

“In other words, someone will only be in a meaningful relationship for something they can benefit from until it all burns down, and then they move on to their next victim.”

Embrace love, not luxury.

Most people will tell you that money isn’t everything, but the lyrics of many songs say otherwise.

I’m investing in love, not in luxury.

But these lyrics don’t reflect the way the world actually is.

The world is actually a place of gold diggers and materialism, where the only thing that matters is money.

They are often used to criticize women for only being concerned with money and not with men. But is this fair?

This world is full of amazing places and things, but it’s also crawling with gold diggers.

Love is priceless, not for sale.

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Insult a gold diggers Quotes

They’re the kind of girls who look down on you and your humble life, just because they can’t brag about how much money they have.”

The world is filled with gold digger girls.

They’re the kind of girls who care more about the car you drive than the person you drive it with.

They’re the kind of girls who think that because they got a man with a nice car, they’re automatically awesome.

They take over your life and make you question everything you thought you knew.

This world is crawling with women who only care about money. They’re called Gold Diggers.

One of the biggest problems in society is the gold digger.

The world can be a cruel place, and women are often its cruelest face.

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