Collection of Best Self Realization Quotes and Sayings

A collection of best realization quotes, achievement sayings and that motivate, delight and inspire. Two fantasy cartoon characters come to a shocking realization of their world and their role in maintaining it. their world

Realization quotes about relationships

“The moment you realize that no one understands, no one has ever understood, no one will ever understand. The real story… is the realization that no moment in your life is perfect, that even the best memories have cracks that you may not notice.”

Absolute darkness is the realization that, no matter how confusing and meaningless it may be, it is sometimes nihilism that makes life worthwhile.

If we can realize that life always happens for us and not for us… the game is over and all the pain and suffering is gone.

How much we suffer shows how much we are hurt by this awareness.

As painful as it is now, one day you will look back and realize that your struggle changed your life.

best realization quotes

When I look back on your life, I realize that whenever I thought I was being rejected by something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.

The realization that many of those whom you once considered the world to be nothing more than glorified assholes means that you have matured.

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You can search all over the world, but you will not find happiness until you understand that happiness is not about getting what you want.

Do your best knowing that nothing will get you in better shape than being in the ring.

I think you have come to the conclusion that yes, you will get tired, but that does not mean that you can give up the fight.

best realization quotes

You learn something from everything, and you understand more than ever that we are all here for a certain time, and then it will all end, and you better take it into account.

Apprehension quotes about success

What amazes me about high school reunions is the realization that these are people who have known each other all their lives.

Each of us gains true wisdom when we realize how little we know about life, ourselves, and the world around us. Our only limit to achieving tomorrow will be our doubts today.

The realization of the third stage, adoption, requires our enthusiasm and discipline, our hearts and our minds.

Realizing your potential and having confidence in your abilities, you can build a better world. Self-actualization, in the Indian sense, is the liberating knowledge of the true self.

In the Western sense, self-actualization is “the possibility of self-realization of one’s own character or personality”.

This self-realization is the subject of the Gita, as of all scriptures… to be a true devotee is to realize oneself.

best realization quotes

Man is not a solitary animal, and as long as social life exists, self-realization cannot be the highest principle of ethics.

This self-denial is the only way to enter the Kingdom of God and realize the life of the Kingdom.

Love is the difficult realization that something other than yourself is real.

The desire to change the world without revealing one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with skin to avoid the pain of walking over stones and thorns.

People are killing themselves, people are ruining their lives just because they have not come to a full understanding of the essence of life.

Late Realization Quotes

Men can starve from lack of self-realization in the same way as from lack of bread.

Self-realization is when you don’t have to think twice before you act and never get bored in life.

Don’t pretend to be who you are not, instead pretend to be who you want to be, this is not a fantasy, this is a journey to fulfill yourself.

Self-knowledge is the realization that every opinion is precious because it is the mark of a rational being.

What people call self-evident, that is, the experience that they receive through the senses, is far from obvious.

Fulfillment is the state in which a person understands or realizes something, or the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or expected.

best realization quotes

Life is a journey of accomplishment that often ends where dreams never begin.

I would say that nothing gives life more purpose than the realization that every moment of consciousness is a precious and fragile gift.

A big part of The Book of Amazing is realizing that if you enjoy the simple moments of your life, you will be happier.

I believe that today you will live so long that you will understand that you are the masters of your destiny, the masters of your destiny; if there is something you want in this world, you must strike with confidence and faith in yourself and achieve it.

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Short self Realisation sayings

“Realize that this can lead to anything from changing the dialogue to realizing that what you thought was a dramatic scene should actually have some humor in it.”

I also understand that hard work is the only way to express everything that I carry within me.

In the process of self-reflection, realize that the revolution begins with yourself.

With this understanding, there is a growing need for a willingness to take up arms to defend our American way of life and the freedom for which many of our ancestors died.

God’s intentions were for His people to burn for Him, realizing His divine power, realizing the glory of the cross that foreshadows the crown.

It seemed to him now that such thoughts were vile, unworthy of his life. He vaguely remembered thinking about failure as if it mattered.

best realization quotes

You didn’t realize what was happening until you slowed down to get a better look.

Freedom in general can be defined as the absence of obstacles to the fulfillment of desires.

The way a society organizes the lives of its members…is a “project” of achievement among others.

We are all living on the same planet, together. We are all living beings, together. We are all human beings, together.

best realization quotes

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Happy Realization Quotes

“We should appreciate every moment we have in this world. We often take our lives for granted; we waste our lives on meaningless things without realizing how much we have in this world.”

But despite being in the same place, together, we are living in separate worlds.

The truth is that life is a journey.

It is an adventure full of discoveries and experiences.

We are all here for a reason, and we should all make the most of our lives.

We should live each day as if it is our last, and we should strive to make a difference in the world.

The essence of life is the pursuit of happiness.

We all have the right to pursue happiness and live a life that makes us feel good.

For a long time, our society has been focused on the accumulation of material possessions.

We have been taught to chase after things that will make us happy in the short-term, instead of focusing on the things that will make us happy in the long-term.

best realization quotes

We all have lives to live.

We all have dreams to achieve. We all have goals to accomplish.

In order to achieve these goals, we need to feel good.

Life is the most precious thing in the universe.

We don’t realize that we are killing ourselves, we are ruining our lives without even realizing how much we have.

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