Collection of Best 71 Heartless Quotes and Status

Here you will find selfish and 71 Heartless Quotes, Ruthless Quotes for men, how can you be so ruthless and ruthless to men. If you enjoyed this article on unquoted quotes feel free to share the quotes on various social media platforms.

71 Heartless Quotes and Status

“Most ruthless people have a heart and will do anything to protect theirs, even if it means they have to break yours.”

They call you ruthless; but you have a heart and I love you because you are ashamed to show it.

He lay there ruthless, but ruthlessness was the last thing you said.

Numbness is what comes from feeling cold and numb.

You flip the switch and all emotion disappears as if it never happened, which I have no doubt about.

I’m like a shadow, avoiding kindness.

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My heart is like a mirror showing nothing inside.

If the Dementor can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to turn you into something like him… soulless and evil.

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Heartless Quotes and Status

“The reason why so much has been written about love, heartbreak and therefore heartless emotions is because of the recognizable nature they have to offer.”

I don’t feel much, like an empty room.
I’m not good with emotions; they’re like strangers to me.
My heart is like a deserted island, no warmth there.
I wander without emotions; they’re like strangers to me.
I live in a cold place where I don’t really care about things.
Inside, my heart is really empty.
I built a strong wall around my feelings; nothing gets through.
I don’t really understand or care about other people’s problems.

Heartless Quotes and Status

“Ruthless is an adjective that describes a person or thing that has no feelings, is usually rude or doesn’t understand someone or something that requires empathy.”

My heart is like a statue made of stone; no feelings.
I move through life without really feeling anything.
I’m in control, but my emotions are not in harmony.
My veins are filled with ice; I can’t feel warmth.
Emotions slip away from me like sand through my fingers.
I’m like a blank canvas painted with no feelings.
My heart beats the same way all the time; no variety.
I’m not familiar with love; it doesn’t really mean anything to me.

Heartless Quotes and Status

“It’s the brutal, unforgiving world of commercial rock ‘n’ roll, and when you take as many days off as we do at eight years old, booking agents don’t know if you’ll be painting.”

I’m like an anchor sinking in the sea of not caring.
I’m like a ship sailing with no emotions in it.
My emotions are like echoes in an empty cave.
I’m a black hole where feelings disappear.
I like staying in the shadows away from warmth.
My emotions are like a puzzle with missing pieces.
Love is something I don’t understand; it’s lost on me.
I’m a living embodiment of not caring about anything.

Heartless Quotes and Status

“Now suppose that the collective consciousness of the race has developed to the point where the forbidden creation is an established (or about to be established) fact.”

My heart is protected by walls of not caring.
I go through life without being affected by emotions.
I’m like a desert where feelings wither away.
My heart is like a safe locked away from kindness.
I don’t leave a mark on emotions; I’m very light.
I’m like the evening of feelings, fading away.
Love is like a language I don’t speak; my heart only knows one language.
I’m like a sculpture made of ice; I don’t change.

Man without Heart Quotes and Status

“A Heartless may portray someone as cold, but it may very well save them from pain by inflicting the same pain on another person.”

I’m like a stone in a river; emotions don’t move me.
In the book of feelings, my page is empty.
I’m like an astronaut in space, not feeling much.
My heart is like a closed door; no one gets in.
I’m like an eclipse, blocking out connections.
In the garden of emotions, I’m like a lonely tree of not caring.
I’m like the moon, shining cold light on feelings.
My heart is like a quiet clock; it measures time without feelings.

Man without Heart Quotes and Status

“Dementors live in the darkest and dirtiest places, are famous for decay and despair, suck peace, hope and happiness from the air around them.”

Get too close to a Dementor and any good feeling, any happy memory will be sucked out of you.

Demons of Chaos are the most terrible enemies; they are all liars, but the truth curses us the most.

Your scientists claim that the Demons of Chaos exist only to tempt you, but in reality we are you. We are your desires, your fears, your ambitions, and your anger in form (if not flesh).

In the song of feelings, I’m the quiet part of not caring.

The Hell Sisters Trilogy This happened a few years ago, either in Supergirl or Yours. As soon as I entered my time, I came across a piece of red kryptonite.

It makes Kryptonians fat, or crazy, or giants, or ant heads, and so on. Please go on, Kara.

Cecilia has been in her heart every second of her life since signing the contract.

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Man without heart quotes

“Every quote, every book, every movie seemed to hint that someday someone would come into my life and love me with a strength and passion that I had never felt before.”

How I wish I could lead you to brave and loyal friends who would protect you and play dice and teach you delightful songs that have no sad ending.

With war, most people are heartless and less burdened than a ton of nothing.

Life without flight is certainly a life with a slow and heartless end.

Heartless, numb; rude ; unpleasant; hard ; violent or showing a complete lack of feeling or attention.

Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, the depraved, or the insensitive.

A little inhumanity doesn’t make you ruthless, it tells others that you have a heart that can get angry.

I’m not warm, more like a chilly breeze.

I do not condone, support and in no way support this cruel, ruthless, aimless and unnecessary war.

In the garden of feelings, I’m like a dead flower.

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