30 Best Hot Fuzz Quotes and Dialogues

In memory of Hot Fuzz, we decided to present you with the top ten quotes from the good old days. Hot Fuzz remains one of the funniest comedies on our screens that fans will no doubt continue to mention in the future. First, Dennis (Nick Frost)’s incredulous reaction to the discovery that Sergeant Angel (Simon Pegg) hasn’t seen Hot Fluff or even Point Break or Die Hard.

Best 30 Hot Fuzz Quotes

15.”Yeah. Maybe we should go on the bouncy castle to take our minds off it.”

-Danny Butterman.

16.“Let us stop this mindless violence! My son, you may not be a man of God, but surely you are a man of peace.”

-Rev. Philip Shooter.

17.”Nicholas Angel: I feel as if I should say something smart.

Danny Butterman: You don’t have to say anything at all.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

18.“Police work is as much about preventing crime as it is about fighting crime. Most importantly, it is about procedural correctness in the execution of unquestionable moral authority.”

-Nicholas Angel.

19.”[upon being presented with an obvious murder scene]

So… you’re saying this wasn’t an accident?”

-Sergeant Tony Fisher.

20.“I brought you into this world. I think is rather fitting I should take you out of it.”

-Dr Robin Hatcher.

21.”Forget it, Nicholas… it’s Sandford.”

-Danny Butterman.

22.“Sergeant Butterman, the little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.”

-Sergeant Angel.

23.“Morning, Sergeant!”

-Village People.

24.”Couldn’t see his face, could I? Not made of eyes!”

-Danny Butterman.

hot fuzz quotes

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25.”[reading from his notepad] You’re playing the male lead in a homage to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and you’re late for the dress rehearsal. Do you think this is a sufficient reason to travel at 48 in a 30 zone?

-Nicholas Angel.

26.”Chief, we’ve just gotten reports of some hippie types messing with the recycling bins at the supermarket.”

-PC Doris Thatcher.

Funniest Hot Fuzz Quotes
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27.”You don’t really wanna process all this lot do you? My pen’s running out.”

-Sergeant Turner.

28.“PC Danny Butterman: Where’s the trolley boy?

Nicholas Angel: In the freezer.

PC Danny Butterman: Did you say cool off?

Nicholas Angel: No I didn’t say anything.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

29.“If we let you carry on running around town, you’ll continue to be exceptional and we can’t have that. You’ll put us all out of a job.”

-Met Chief Inspector.

30.”Nicholas Angel: Danny, this is murder.

PC Danny Butterman: It’s not murder, it’s ketchup.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

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Funny and cool Dialogues

31.”PC Danny Butterman: Did you take care of him?

Nicholas Angel: I threw him in the freezer.

PC Danny Butterman: Awwww… you shoulda said ‘Cool off’.

Nicholas Angel: Well, you missed it earlier when I distracted him with the monkey and knocked him out and said ‘Playtime’s over’.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

32.”Nicholas Angel: Leslie Tiller was murdered!

DS Andy Cartwright: Just like Tim Messenger?

Nicholas Angel: Yes!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright: George Merchant?

DS Andy Cartwright: And Eve Draper?

DS Andy Andy Wainwright: Martin Blower?

Nicholas Angel: No, actually.

DS Andy Cartwright: Really?”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

33.“PC Danny Butterman: I can’t believe I shot someone.

Nicholas Angel: He’s a doctor, he can deal with it.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

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34.”DS Andy Cartwright: Everybody and their mums is packing ’round here.

Nicholas Angel: Like who?

DS Andy Andy Wainwright: Farmers!

Nicholas Angel: Who else’s?

DS Andy Cartwright: Farmer’s mums!”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

35.”Nicholas Angel: It’s Frank! He’s appointed himself Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Danny Butterman: He’s not Judge Judy, an Executioner.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

36.“Nicholas Angel: Did you find anything?

DS Andy Wainwright: Yeah, I looked at my watch, and I found out that it’s way past time to stop working and that I should be at the pub.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

37.“I’m sure if we bashed your head in, all sorts of secrets would come tumbling out.”

-Simon Skinner.

38.”Nicholas Angel: Sorry I didn’t mean to upset the apple-kart.

DS Andy Cartwright: Ya, cause we all sell apples round here don’t we.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

39.”Nicholas Angel: All right, what about this guy? Ask yourself, why has he got his hat pulled down like that?

Danny Butterman: He’s ugly.

Nicholas Angel: Or, he doesn’t want you to see his face.

Danny Butterman: ‘Cause he’s ugly.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

40.”Nicholas Angel: With all due respect sir. You can’t just make people disappear.

Met Chief Inspector: Yes I can I’m the Chief inspector.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

41.“PC Danny Butterman: What’s it like being stabbed?

Nicholas Angel: It was the single most painful experience of my life.

PC Danny Butterman: What’s the second most painful?”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

42.”Joyce Cooper: I’m Joyce Cooper, and I trust you had a pleasant trip, Fascist!

Nicholas Angel: I beg your pardon?

Joyce Cooper: [indicating her crossword] ‘System of government, characterized by extreme dictatorship,’ Seven across.

Nicholas Angel: Oh, I see. It’s ‘Fascism’.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

43.“Nicholas Angel: When’s your birthday?

Underage Drinker: 22nd Of February.

Nicholas Angel: What Year?

Underage Drinker: Every Year.”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

44.”DS Andy Cartwright: Here, what else you got, Crockett and Tubby?

Nicholas Angel: Skid marks.

DS Andy Wainwright: Now who’s being childish?”

-‘Hot Fuzz’.

45.”Nicholas Angel: Well, actually, uh, I could probably make my own way up. Hag!

Joyce Cooper: [looking up] I beg your pardon?

Nicholas Angel: [indicating the crossword] ‘Evil old woman, considered frightful or ugly’, Twelve down.”

-‘Hot Fuzz Quotes’.

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