Collection of Best Obsession Quotes and Sayings 

These quotes about obsession explain what obsession is and what people think about it. Obsession and love are not the same, despite all the obsession quotes about love, passion and everything. 

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There are many inspirational captions from successful people that seem to show that obsession itself is not a bad thing. Let these sayings inspire you to use your obsession in a positive way and become the person you always wanted to be.

Best 31 Obsession Quotes

“The object of fixation is borrowed only as a pretext, a means, a medium through which or into which the possessed person can project his eternal and essential hunger.”

When you’re as informed as I am, you can’t underestimate the power of being obsessed with love.

You’re so obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can’t love yourself.

When it comes to love, it’s harder to be patient, especially the kind that gives you an almost obsessive passion to love the other person rather than pay the price.

Love is our uncontrollable feeling for another, putting their needs before our own.

Well, a person’s feelings for someone else are either very good or very bad.

Possession is when a person feels the need to possess someone else or protect someone else.

best obsession quotes

Don’t start a business unless it’s something you’re passionate about. It is not an obsession to have an exit strategy.

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The desired object or person is relatively unimportant, or only important in relation to the one who is possessed.

An obsession is an idea that you need to get out of your head if you don’t want to get it out of your head.

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Passion quotes and Sayings

“The behavior of people who are obsessed with success The behavior of people who are obsessed with success, we can all get better with practice. This includes focusing their attention and energy on what is important to them. It also means that people who are obsessed with success are constantly thinking and innovating to get better.”

I like to think that the most appropriate word for being obsessed with your efforts is passion.

Another benefit of being obsessed with achieving something is that it often makes you a little bolder.

No noise, no other people, no thoughts and worries, neither yesterday nor tomorrow.

The world stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes looking at you.

Every thing about you is beautiful. I stared at him. When I see you, the world stops.

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Generally, the least happy people I know are those who focus on themselves.

Of course, true obsession can lead to things like anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

Get obsessed with the things you want, otherwise you’ll spend a life obsessing over excuses for why you didn’t get the life you wanted.

Fame has turned into an obsession with people that makes me shudder.

Obsessions come in many forms; from the things we obsess over to the people we think we love.

If you don’t have the mental capacity to be so obsessed with getting what you want. Then you’re never going to get it.

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Best obsession quotes

“I hope people are put off by “the total lack of ethics and obsession with the consumerism of the characters, that’s what I was saying about the difference between the message of the characters and the message of the movie.”

Possession is a commitment; you have to believe it because it will soon take over.

Passion seemed subjective and simply unmeasurable, but obsession was easier to see and encourage, and its absence didn’t mean I was a bad person.

Obsession requires an underlying unconscious motivation.

Motivation is required for good, but obsession is required for greatness.

Your goal is to pique your audience’s interest in your obsessions.

Continually pursue your most intense obsession.

You must become obsessed and remain obsessed.

Be obsessive or you’ll end up being average.

Greatness is the result of a combination of aptitude and obsession.

best obsession quotes

The more obsessed you are with something, the more likely you are to achieve it.

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